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Why Don't We Ask the Teachers (THESE answers are HARD!)

I came across a thread on Facebook this morning that had me cheering and crying at the same time.

The discussion centered around how many subjects, and what information children were no longer getting, as part of their basic education, from the school systems of America.

This conversation went on for quite a while, and then a teacher chimed in.

She suggested a thread on what teachers notice with regard to what children are not being taught at home, by parents.

This was one of the most riveting and dynamic Facebook threads of all time.

The teachers were 'on fire', and the thread went on for so long that I was a half hour late for work.

But how gratifying it was, to hear right from the source, what they are seeing and experiencing in the classroom every day.

The general consensus is that teachers know immediately what a child has, and has not been taught by the parents.

Comments covered children’s general lack of basic knowledge.

Some teachers mentioned lack of hygiene.

Others spoke about lack of manners, lack of empathy, lack of patience, lack of honesty...

Some teachers commented that the children seemed to have no idea whatsoever, how offensive and inappropriate their language was.

Some teachers noticed that many of their children didn't care about appearance, and had no grooming skills.

Some said many of their students lacked emotional control. They fought often, could not be disciplined, and possessed no sense of community cooperation.

There were even teachers that said their students appeared to be completely unattended to, as if they had been brought up and nurtured by no one.

Also mentioned were children’s complete lack of respect for grown-ups, peers, and even for themselves.

No common sense. No imagination.

And one teacher stated that her children don’t seem to know why they are in school, and have no idea how to learn.

Multiple teachers agreed with each post. And they also agreed that the longer this goes on, the worse it has gotten.

There are those of us who feel our school systems are inadequate, but I’m here to tell you that we are not sending them much to work with.

Reading this is heartbreaking, and it directly addresses the reason for my crusade against raising uneducated Americans.

We are crazy, as a nation, to allow our citizens to grow up lacking the intellect to function, let alone to excel.

What we are doing in society today is trying to recover from giving birth to, and raising several generations of people that have no idea how to function on our planet.

We do not tell children what they need to know in order to function and thrive.

And whichever degrees you get, and whatever vocational training you receive, your education is still not complete if you don't know etiquette or you don't know hygiene, you can't balance a checkbook or you don't know how to socialize or interact with others.

Based on the comments of the teachers of America, our next crop of grown-ups will be lost and useless.

Parenting is a full time job. Parents need to learn this, and learn how to raise a child properly.

Our nation has already begun to suffer for our lack of interest in doing the work to educate our people.

It can be done.

Please spread the word.

Our young people need more.

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