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When the Teachers Give Up....

Our teachers are leaving our school systems in droves. Don’t be fooled. The pandemic only brought the pervasive problems to the surface. I’ve known teachers that felt defeated back in 1970, based on the lack of resources, but more importantly, based on the behavior of our children.

I’m listening to teachers around the country that can no longer work in their school districts. What more of an indication do we need? Does anyone have a plan?

It is time to fix education. But, to a great extent, we don't even have to change the school system.

If we change the attitudes and behaviors of the students that we send to school to learn, the teachers will have a more productive time and their issues will diminish.

If we don't start addressing the issues of the teachers, who are leaving the profession in record numbers, then instead of humans, we're going to be educating our children electronically in the future.

The job is either not bad, or else it’s a nightmare. Yet, I had a colleague tell me that teaching was an awesome and high-paying career. (His wife is a teacher). He is however an affluent well-educated highly regarded engineer, so I have no doubt that he lives in a school district that shields him from the disparities in less affluent neighborhoods.

Which is to say that losing teachers and crumbling school districts, is not a problem for everyone. And to you I say this - look past your comfortable zones.

Teachers are getting beat up and pummeled by furniture. The students we send them are distracted and frequently combative. And let’s not overlook students with weapons.

Teacher salaries are generally not commensurate with the work, in the vast majority of our neighborhoods today. Their hours are interminable. They pay for supplies and activities for their students, with their own personal money.

Can you imagine if you had to buy all your co-workers work shoes, in order for you to be successful in your career?!

NOTHING we are doing now is addressing the root of the problem. Consequently, none of our fixes are effective.

We have to take action, and decide that we must make it right for teachers at the K-12 level. Pouring maple syrup on (fill in something gross), will not improve or fix the underlying (repeat).

I heard a former teacher discussing one of his solutions. He would write an individual song for each individual child in the class during the school year. He would sing it to the children during class. He says that the effort and the sentiment, always made the child feel special, and it helped the child feel love. He says it never failed to affect the child in a positive way.

His answer to all the chaos, trauma and futility, for the children under his charge, was Love.

This absolutely supports my premise.

“And the Greatest of These is Love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13.

Above all else we need to exhibit an atmosphere of love for each other, in everything we do but most especially in the classroom. And especially for children that do not get what they need to be successful, from their home environments.

As I’ve mentioned, I would like to actively and efficiently tackle these challenges.

Statistically, I realize that you may not be interested in donating any money to anything.

But are you able to expand the conversation? My hope is that you can discuss with your leaders and politicians, and each other, any of the concepts set forth in this blog that you agree with. Write to school boards and politicians, and attend their meetings. Start the conversation where you are. That's the reason I'm here.

We need to deal with the realities and we need to do it together, or there isn’t a problem we will solve. And because our leaders and politicians are not used to truths and realities, we need to get that ball rolling ourselves. These are our children. Who else will protect them if we don’t?

This thing with the teachers should absolutely be a direct indication to us all, that this system is in ruins.

Sending children to school prepared for learning is the simplest most direct most intelligent way of handling this and so many of our problems.

We need for more people to be on board. I can't change something alone. Neither can anyone else.

The go fund me page, and my previous post called Teen Forum USA, will explain what we are working towards. I’m writing a business plan proposal as we speak, and I've written a letter to the largest developer in our county, to see if he is willing to help with our venue concerns.

Please get involved in any way that you can. WE THE PEOPLE are all we really have. Nothing we are doing or have done, has been enough. And the problem is getting worse. Whether you see it or you are lucky enough to avoid it.

The children that grow up with inadequate educations, may not live anywhere near you, but they likely will affect your life in some way.

The problems of society caused by an under-educated population, are generally inescapable, no matter who you are….

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