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Weathering the Weather

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I wanted to say something about weather, since it is a prevailing topic in this day and age.

Not about climate change though.

Lord knows.. you do not want to hear my opinions on that. They are much too stark and apocalyptic.

I live in a place that doesn't experience weather conditions that are too drastic, although it has always been considered to be dramatic weather, because of lake-effect rain and snow.

However our local climate and weather conditions pale in comparison to the fires and droughts and mudslides and floods and hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes that people around the country and the world are suffering through today.

Overall I look at weather as being something interesting and engaging. I love rain for it's cleansing benefits. I love watching snow. I enjoy the drama of a giant rainstorm or plumes of cascading clouds. I'm in awe of it all.

Don't mistake me. I don't like the inconveniences, or the destruction, that weather causes, and I'm very sensitive to those that suffer devastating loss by nature's hand.

However I enjoy the variations in weather change, and use them to connect with universal powers, and buoy my spirits.

For me, 'taking time to smell the roses' includes looking for spiritual connections with the atmosphere and climate conditions.

So, I feel uncomfortable with the way meteorology, and people in general, characterize weather. Boo it's going to rain. Boo it's going to be cloudy. It's almost as if we need something to complain about, so the weather takes the hit.

No one likes oppressive heat, ice, or sub-zero temperatures with wind chill, but there is beauty there that we miss.

I'm also gobsmacked by how people complain about the accuracy of the science of weather forecasting. Meteorology is nothing short of astounding when it comes to it's accuracy. Can you even explain how you can know which way the wind is going to blow?

I'm not sure that everyone knows this.... If your forecast calls for 20% rain, that means that only 20% of that audience will receive rain. The 80% that didn't receive rain that day will typically view that forecast as incorrect. But it wasn't.

So here are my two points:

1) We complain about so much. Let's use God's creations for our benefits when we can. The weather can have amazing, restorative effects on you if you let it. Breathe deep and feel the cleanse.

2) It is no longer possible for me to complain about weather, because as an old woman I have become sensitive also, to those of us that are homeless... I can no longer in good conscience complain about it being too hot or cold or wet or windy, while I continue to have a home to go to for shelter, against all harsh or unpleasant weather.

I would not begrudge a homeless person license to gripe about weather conditions.... the rest of us might not need to complain as much.

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