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WE CAN FIX THIS! - Please Help Me Create a Revolution...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

People with complete educations do not commit street crime.

My goal is to guide our country towards (mildly compulsory) complete education for every child.

It CAN be done, and here’s where we start.

The three objectives:

> to devise a program that will bring gang members/career criminals, and community leaders, together to discuss what they require to become productive, and then provide it.... focusing on civic training, and job and life skills.

> to devise a program that enables parents to raise exemplary children, and

> to standardize education across America, to include high quality academics, athletics, and music, as well as the values and skills that we know work for the American way of life, so that all our children are well-rounded citizens, all on the same playing field.

No exceptions.

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