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WE ARE FOOLING.... WHO..? - Ourselves

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Is there any body else that knows that the lip service we pay to violence and crime in American is useless?

I'll say it again to you if you are looking for an answer...

People with complete educations do not need social service.

People with complete educations are not committing street crime, and they are not getting mowed down by law enforcement every time we watch the news.

Complete education is the only answer.

Anybody else who talks about any other way is scamming you.

If they ask for money for help, for anything else, it's good money going after bad.

You can't fix the present.

Fix the future.

Make the people go to school.

Make their educations complete.

Teach cursive writing.

Teach music.

Teach civics.

Teach critical thinking and common sense.

Teach young minds early.

End poverty.

Stop believing the liberal jive.

We don't need money for programs.

We need all people to be well-rounded and self-sufficient.

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