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THIS IS THE BIG ONE - If there IS fault, who's is it....?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I just sat through an egregious news story, explaining why gun violence is a result of... ugh... past oppression.

This way of thinking does not move a problem forward to a solution.

It only serves to whine about the past.

And blame others instead of looking inwards.

This kind of blame game thinking only serves to try to hide the fact that we do not have an answer, nor any power at all, to make any kind of change, whatsoever.

This was a local news story with a local legislator, opining about a huge chunk of money coming to the county, to get gun violence under control.

She talked about outcomes, and hope.

And then the reporter asked about the change to bail laws.

Where I live, we have passed a law which sharply reduces pre-trial detention.

The criminals won't be detained after their crimes, they know that, so they go back to the streets, to pick up where they left off.

It’s insane.

This legislator was an advocate for bail reform because it brings justice, somehow, to communities that are marginalized - which marginalization of course, is the reason she says, that we have street crime today.

This is such a twisted concept that I can’t even explain how awful it is.

The whole argument about the prison pipeline makes my blood boil.

So back to this politician and her blame game leadership...she commented that their communities are over policed.

The irony there, once again, mind boggling. (i.e. no mention of staggering high crime rates in her community. Just the implication that the police are part of the problem!!)

She said we should look back into history to explain gun violence today, because the oppression took away our dignity and all our opportunities.

She ended by saying that we need an even playing field for people to come out of poverty.

My friends, we do not have time in this piece, to address how angry this kind of stuff makes me.

Here’s the deal.

We have the problems that we have, because we let people grow up without proper learnin’. And people with bad educations feed the criminal pipeline.

This man-made catastrophe is actually being caused....... by the people with the guns.

Not some existential balderdash about the past and the oppression.

Just people that don't know how to be successful.

The only way to stop gun violence, is to take the gun users off the street.

Change their minds about the choices they’ve made.

And that, also, can be done!

But what will stop the kids coming up, from also being these criminals?

It’s as if society is waiting for magic.

Because nothing we say about this problem is relevant.

And nothing we do about it is effective.

We can’t fix the present but we can fix the future.

Educated people do not commit street crime.

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