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They All Hate Me... (TRUTH can be unpopular..)

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I am a black woman.

Yet black people in my town, and most especially the black politicians in my town, avoid me at all costs.

I'm un-friended - constantly....

Because no politician will ever run on a platform of self-sufficiency for poor and black people.

They only look for funding, for themselves and for our community.

Mostly all black people everywhere, perpetuate the myth that we need more social services because our ancestors were slaves.

They claim we are oppressed, and discriminated against.

Therefore white people owe us... everything.

'Build me housing. Give me food. Create jobs for me.'

No other culture anywhere gets away with this.

We are not oppressed.

We have simply found the golden ticket, and we are using it.

Every day and forever.

So you see why I have no African American associates.

Meanwhile our education numbers are the lowest.

Our achievement numbers are the lowest.

Our generational, cultural wealth, is non-existent.

No one will admit it. But we all know it’s true.

This is no one else’s fault but our own.

We are not discriminated against.

People are simply disappointed in us, and tired of us.

And I am one of those people.

I was speaking with the big social justice advocate in our city.

As he told me about all the oppression and all the racism, I told him that I didn't go out at night because that's when the guns come out in our community.

I told him slavery had nothing to do with it.

I told him I was sick of it.

He was without retort, and I've not heard from him since.

As a race, African Americans have so much work to do. What other class or race of people on the face of the Earth, anywhere, disparages their own people?

The use of the dreaded 'N-word'. Disparaging our own women by calling us bitches and whores.

What kind of behavior is that? Why would anyone want that for themselves, or allow it, on a worldwide, media-driven basis?

What does that say to others, about how we feel about ourselves, or how our men feel about our women?

We're killing our own selves. And setting our own selves up to be murdered by law enforcement.

If this is not the ultimate cry for help, there is no such thing.

There is dysfunction that needs to be addressed.

By US.

No one can help us if we don't care about ourselves and we don't TRY.

So that, as long as we continue, as a nation, to subsidize poverty with misguided sympathy and endless hand-outs, we will never convince those at the bottom, to do the work it takes to be successful.

Our leaders are useless. Not one will stand up and speak the truth to black people.

'Stop looking for aid. Start looking for self-sufficiency and personal excellence. What can we do to facilitate your education?'

THAT's what I want to hear from our leaders.

I continue to advocate for a renewed approach to the education of black children, and any other children entrenched in a culture where people can't afford to live without social assistance.

Society is moving away from poor people.

We have to raise self-sufficient children.

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