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The Way-Back Machine (Can you go there?)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

I am almost 67 now. This picture of me was taken 66 years ago.

None-the-less I can tell you without equivocation - I know exactly what I was thinking at this moment.

I heard someone come into the room. I raised my head up, looked around towards the door and there was a giant flash.

I absolutely felt a sense of indignation. I thought to myself, “what was that?”.

I feel like there even might have been a baby expletive involved!

I can re-create that day and that feeling in my mind, with semi-vivid detail.

My mother left the room, I lowered my head, and went back to the musings in my little 10 month old brain.

And that’s the point.

What we teach a baby/infant/toddler’s brain; what a child of any age sees, feels, experiences, learns or is impacted by, will be there forever.

It’s common knowledge. It’s easier to learn when your brain is brand new.

And by way of my story, you see it is possible to know and remember our very earliest experiences.

Let’s start using proven science to the advantage of our children, and stop wasting our time and our resources.

Do we really need to continue to think that the answer to raising successful children, is to “..let kids be kids…?”

Our children are relying on us to prepare them, for world challenges that will likely be even more daunting, than they are now.

Let’s start early and teach them to be capable, intelligent, obedient, self-sufficient adults. It can be done!

It’s much easier when they’re young….

They can play later…

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