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IT'S COMPLICATED - Complicated and Bad...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I'm a Compassionate Conservative Republican and I think I should say that first.

I am not happy about our government’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

But we don't get to be extra special angry at Joe Biden for the way this thing went.

He did the right thing, for which I am very grateful.

The history of the region and it's people dates back at least 1500 before Jesus was born.

Their culture is, what it is, and has been, for at least three thousand years.

We aren't going to change or fix those people.

We were basically wasting our time there, trying to save them from themselves.

The fact that our exodus went so very badly, is stunning to me.

Almost as stunning as an ignominious insurrection.

But every single president we have had has been prone to major gaffe.

These people are humans, no greater or less likely than you or I, to make a misstep.

Even though this is so much of a misstep, that it evokes profanity.

Granted their job is bigger, their responsibility greater, and their failures more consequential.

But I challenge you to offer the name of a president that was flawless.

We thought George Bush was a major whack job.

Nobody liked Jimmy Carter' policies, and Gerald Ford also had a rough time being impressive.

Even Barack Obama, who holds deity status for many of us, did not enjoy my highly-coveted full approval.

Joe Biden is just another president that didn't handle something right for some reason.

It should not to us, be a matter of personality.

It is much more a matter of complexities.

Maybe he was misinformed on some level. Maybe the people around him got it wrong.

Or, the reason I usually can cite... maybe he and his ilk are out of touch with the nuances of real life for regular people in the real world, as rich and powerful people frequently are.

Hopefully, no one will get away with pretending that this is a major problem for this presidency.

It's just another human being, being an elected official, making mistakes.

Some are messier mistakes than others... granted.

But a politician with a good heart and an altruistic intention, is better than one lacking a soul.

If you are coming after the President with a venomous tirade advocating for impeachment, you are doing it out of a retaliatory reflex, like gang-war murderers seeking revenge.

You supported 45, and you feel he was treated unfairly. I get it.

I would acknowledge to you that he has accomplished several important objectives, and I would ask you to support me in finding better people, that support our same objectives.

Don't justify the wrong things that were perpetuated by that administration.

(I'm talking about the awful way he publicly characterized people, the way he lay in bed with other oppressive and murderous heads of state, the way he used his position of power and leadership to make millions of dollars for himself, his use of emoluments, et. al).

Don’t legitimize that man’s transgressions in an effort to support your cause.

We don't need a leader who says he supports us as he rips us off and manipulates us.

We must have better leadership, and less acrimony between our selves.

Being angry at each other will get us nowhere.

If we have the best interests of the country at heart, we will learn to live with the humans in office, while working to educate ourselves to be and raise, better leaders.

Misguided retaliation is for thugs.

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