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Teen Forum U.S.A.

I have come to a decision.

Right now I am shepherding a summer program for children. We have turned it into a forum for teenagers.

My premise is that we need to show more love and guidance to young people, on an individual basis, en masse, in order to prevent them from growing up bad and angry.

We need to give them all, a forum from which they can vent, speak their minds, and receive valuable feedback.

It is obvious to me that our mass shooters and our other assorted criminal-types, were not shown what they needed to know, or given the attention required, to ensure that they grow up to live successfully. To a very great extent, NO ONE performs these heinous acts of terror, unless they are seeking attention and/or are angry about something, that they have been unable to express in an acceptable manner.

Sure, your children may not live in these types of situations, and perhaps your children are not vulnerable to these types of downfalls. But when I tell you that the majority of American children are growing up without good (or any) guidance, and without caring people in their lives, you have to believe me. And we are all suffering for it....

Our education system has turned into a disciplinary nightmare. As funding dwindles, critical programs disappear. As the teaching of fundamental life skills is replaced by shooter drills and emergency preparedness, the system is failing us.

We have immigrants moving here from all over the world. And we have our own children born in this country, who are not shown what we expect from people with regard to living as Americans.

We need to approach the education of our children in a different way. We need to pay more individual attention, to each and every child.

Therefore I would like to initiate this teen forum concept, as a viable national program of education and caring, for American children. All of them. Everywhere.

These forum sessions are group discussions followed by optional individual sessions that pay as much attention as possible, to each teen – answering questions and conducting private discussions, aimed at focusing on and alleviating any issues they face.

We discuss their concerns with them as if they were intelligent and caring adults.

We listen and address their what they are saying and feeling. We teach them the topics and the information that they should be learning from teachers and from parents, that they are not learning now – how to be good stewards of the American way of life. How to deal with their frustrations and develop into proper, productive citizens.

Are we not tired of children growing up with no regard for decency and dignity? Do we not miss well-bred children that open doors, speak properly, dress respectably, and respect authority? Would we not prefer that the next generations can read and write and spell and speak, properly?


I have never failed to reach and improve a child to whom I pay attention. I have witnessed before my eyes, the change in heart, of an angry, rudderless child.

I respect them. I use NO disciplinary measures. I know what to say, and I treat them as intelligent, thinking, highly functioning adults. I’m completely honest with them. I have seen my premise work, without fail.

I promise you we can all be a part of this change. Please click on this link, and participate in any way you can.

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