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SMILE, BREATHE, TALK - Leave 'em Loving You.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The better our communication skills are, the better our relationships will be.

The problems we have communicating will manifest as unpleasant and problematic relationships at every juncture.

The fewer of these skills that you utilize, the worse your relationships will be.

This holds true for your personal life, as well as your professional life, and even your discussions with strangers.

If your personal and professional encounters have historically been abysmal, or even mildly problematic, then you might consider learning a few communication rules and techniques.

Is there even a chance that you do not need to improve, if only just a little bit?

The most important interpersonal communication element, is being able to see both sides of the argument; to be able to make the case for either side, pro AND con.

If you can do that, it means you have a suitable amount of information, to be able to come to a reasonable conclusion about something.

It also is an indication to the other person, that you might well have given thought to more than just one side of the coin.

It indicates that you are at least learned, and that what you say can be trusted.

You don’t necessarily have to agree with both sides of a discussion, but you should be able to understand and explain all sides of an issue, and acknowledge that mostly all sides have some small kernel of truth or validity.

This also enables you to show the other person, that you understand and validate their opinions, which goes a long way towards facilitating successful conversations.

Conversely, perhaps it is best not to formulate hard and fast opinions about anything, if you do not have all the facts at hand.

It is best at those moments, to be honest with everyone involved (including yourself), in admitting out loud, that your fact base might not be complete.

Something like, ‘This is how I feel, but I might not have all the information…’

Immutable opinions do not make for smooth communication.

Listen well, admit when you might be incorrect or partially uninformed, and acknowledge other viewpoints as interesting, valid, or worth further study.

Out loud…

Do you always have all the facts from BOTH sides of the story, before you come to a conclusion?

Do you listen and hear what others say, and validate and agree when possible?

I am a Relationship Mentor.

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