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School and Music..... a couple of loose ends

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I've been working all season to establish this blog, which I am grateful to have the chance to write.

I've noticed recently though, that some of my thoughts, and some of the topics I've wanted to talk about, are getting… mildly.. dark.

My experience tells me that people don't like that.

I'm trying to develop a style that conveys the truth, which can be dark at times, without loosing your interest or your respect.

I hope you will stick with me, even when I have to say things that are grim or unpleasant.

Because we need to begin to talk about these concepts, and speak the truth, if we are ever going to face up to and react to them accordingly.

In the meantime I was delighted by two things that I've recently heard, and I thought I'd share them now, before I go 'grim' on you :-)

First off - potential great news! Currently proposed by the United States government, is a two hundred billion dollars package that would provide a pre-kindergarten education to all our nation’s three and four-year-old children.

I was ecstatic when I heard this. I'm sure I've heard it mentioned during the volumes of news I've heard over the last year.

But I actually really heard it for the first time a few weeks ago.

I thought, ‘well I won't need my blog anymore.... let's educate everybody! My work is done.’

Let's hope it's that easy, even though it won't be.

The second news I want to share is something I heard this morning on NPR. It was a story about a bass guitar player named Divinity Roxx. She had a very interesting tale. Her mother drove her to be excellent, but then succumbed to substance abuse.

Yet this girl grew up, taught herself the bass, and is enjoying a modicum of success. What's more, she writes books, and rap music, for children. And her message is the same as she learned from her mother growing up. Positivity and drive.

Her book is being released this week. It's called Happy and Healthy, and it's published by Scholastic, so you know it is good.

Her songs are positive messages for children, and the music, from what I heard, is top-notch. Very catchy and very engaging. She is a very talented singer and musician.

I hope that not only her message, but the spirit of her work, takes over the dreadful world of hip hop culture, and the messages we give to young people.

Please tell your elected leaders that we must have mandatory pre-k.

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