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Rethink Racism

Updated: Jan 20

There are those among us that would prefer that I refrain from covering topics that tread on sensitive nerves.

Yet what I’m about to say will hopefully have a positive affect. What’s more, the purpose of this blog is to call out the underbelly of this beast….

Why is there racism and how can we make it go away…

I have been trying to gently illuminate those things which are misconceptions, that are being presented as truth.

One of them is… ‘is it racism, or is there more to it….?’

Now I cannot possibly say to you, that racism does not exist. I’ve seen it. I know it is there, even though I don’t use it as an excuse, or even complain about it.

As I’ve tried to point out - people are not racists as much as they are – disappointed – in the way things have turned out…

It is not race, but economics, that is the issue. People don’t hate us. I believe they are simply tired of being financially responsible for people that commit crime and live in perpetual poverty.

But my earth-shattering revelation, is that white people, by and large, LOVE us!

(As a side note, even those that hate us would like us more, if my entire diaspora were self-sufficient and law abiding people!)

Think about it. Today in societies and cultures around the world, the heart and especially the soul, of the African American culture, is replicated with exuberance.

All of the cool things that black people do, are now also done by everyone else.

Our music is loved. Our clothing and ways of dressing are widely mimicked.

And most prevalent, in my opinion?

Our language. I don’t believe there is any one culture that can create and turn a phrase, the way we do. Surely, you recognize the phrases, that you say and hear everyday, that come from African American street life.

We could easily be, the most quoted, copied ‘race’ of all time.

No white people are wearing their pants below their butts, singing rap and hip hop, or dating and marrying inter racially, because they hate us.

I don’t understand how black people can continue to insist, that we are roundly hated by white people. (And I don’t believe it should be allowed to continue…).

A blanket statement, that whites hate blacks, and that they continue to discriminate against us, fails to take into consideration: 1) how much they love and emulate our style, 2) how much of our culture shows up in their everyday lives, 3) how long they have been trying to include us, 4) how easily they acquiesce when we make our demands for more, 5) how little they complain about being unjustly blamed for racism and slavery, or 6) how much money they have allocated, over decades, to eradicate our issues.

Again, I know folks don’t want to talk about these things. But I’m here to say that a Black Lives Matter movement, and its ilk, are not in a position to represent black people. Yet they are raising millions of dollars to do so.

Any one (of these groups, or individual people), who tells you that we are being persecuted; anyone who tells you that we need conflict to evoke change; anyone who asks for more money to fix the same old problems… ANYONE who advocates for defunding of the police – is engaging in useless and unnecessary agitation, likely in an effort to raise more money, even though they have yet to stumble upon the solution – to poverty and hopelessness.

No organizations that you readily come by, are dealing with the true problems we face in the black community. This is why the problems still exist and are getting worse.

No one has the guts to face fact. NO ONE.

Until EVERY ONE of our children is fully educated, and society stops making excuses for African American under-achievement, NOTHING WILL CHANGE.

Until the black community does what is necessary to improve itself, nothing can or will come into our community that will fix us, and we will continue to blame others for our own lack of resolve.

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