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Push Me Up a Hill -- (Spine building)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I would like to radically change the way we endeavor to raise American children. Not only from the standpoint of a 'formal education'...

As you might know, my main message is about getting everyone educated in order to completely eliminate poverty and government dependency.

So here I want to discuss the mindset we have, collectively, that we are passing down to our young people. As it pertains, especially, to setting a child’s mindset.

This comes from my sense that we are instilling many kids today with anger and mistrust, needlessly. Remember this may not apply to your situation, but it needs to be addressed.

Here are some of the points that lead me to this place..

# We do not always realize that our kids are 'picking up what we are puttin down'... constantly. They are fully imprinted by adult behavior.

# We do not seem to recognize the vast capabilities of a child, intellectually, and we do not take advantage of the plasticity and the teachable mind of a child.

# We don't see how we are limiting our children by imposing our thoughts upon them, filtered through our own limitations and biases.

# We don't recognize the scope with which we can be an influence - positive or negative. And it doesn't take much.

# Many of us live somewhat uninspired lives, and are unaware of, or don't have time for, how important inspiration is when it comes to raising a child. Or a nation.

Every thing you do is subject to the scrutiny of your young child.

You've seen them want to shave, or wear your shoes, or help you with the yard work or the cooking, or whatever you are doing at the time.

Everything you say is subject to being repeated by them. You've seen a child speak way above their age and grade level. They are most assuredly repeating what they've heard being said by teachers and other adults. They are parsing the information, and learning how to extrapolate, and think for themselves.

If you give them the intellectual stimulation they need, the outcomes will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

Back in the day, as the kids say... tiny children could be turned into racially bigoted hateful little people.... impressions that they are incapable of forming on their own.

There was never any doubt that they were 'parroting' what they were hearing at the dining room table.

Any of the thoughts or emotions or fears or concerns or opinions that a child hears and sees, will very likely become their own.

It all starts with you.

Children are much more resilient than we give them credit for. There was a news story once, about how they had to drop an infant child from an upper floor of a burning building. The child was said to have bounced off the ground, and was basically unscathed. They are physically as well as emotionally... resilient. Yet we coddle them so, that they wind up unable to function in society today. We don't punish or discipline adequately, we don't explain and exhibit patience, and we avoid conversations we need to be having.

My family was the opposite of inspired. I had no idea how to go about growing up and going to school or choosing a career. I had no idea how to go about the process of mating. No useful input from them whatsoever. The only advice my so-called father ever gave me, was to dry the space between my toes, thoroughly, after a bath or a shower. The only thing my mother taught me, was how to clean a bathroom, wash dishes, and dress pretty so a man would take me. I was more of an expendable housekeeper by birthright, than I was a small person with potential.

She didn't like being around me. Even when my school was begging her to inspire me, all she did was buy me a box of 8 crayons and a coloring book. If she had given me algorithms to learn I would have mastered it. Even at eight years old, I knew that her attempt... lacked inspiration.

We have to inspire people, most especially our children.

With regard to our current lives, and the 'new normal', we have to tell our children that they must be strong. (Not... that masks have the tendency to make you uncomfortable). We have to tell our children that they must persevere, because of the difficulty of the current situation.

(Not... stand around discussing how quarantine and remote learning is ruining their lives). We have to explain to them that they have to work harder than ever, all the time now, in order to overcome this problem, but overcome it they will.

Inspire them to be unflappable. We have to 'Franklin-Delano-Roosevelt' them with inspiring conversations and big speeches about how 'do-able' things can be with the right attitude and the right guidance. How capable we are to handle such things, especially if we stick together and if we care about each other. We have to reinforce our support and our love for our children, not discourage them with negativity.

We aren't even resilient and flexible ourselves, and we will most assuredly snuff that ability out of the young minds and hearts of kids if we aren’t paying attention.

We need them to push harder. Go further. Take the lessons they are given and take the next step. Explore. Research. Question. We have to inspire them to be these people. Otherwise only one or two percent of them will be.

It's up to the adults. That is why we ARE the adults.

They are LOOKING for ways to be ‘grown’.

They are BUILT to pitch in and get involved, with whatever their grown ups are doing. They are BUILT to WANT to be a part of their society.

It’s only a jaded adult viewpoint that would FIGHT against human instinct, by abandoning humanity for politics. Kids are about humanity.

In order to inspire people to greatness, maintain higher expectations for them. We do not give our children enough to do with their brains. The reason children took so strongly to cell phones is because of the stimulation. They require and crave intellectual stimulation. Their brains are at optimal intellectual absorption.

They'll remember and learn from everything you teach them.

But it doesn’t happen by osmosis. Parenting is WORK. A big, never-ending responsibility.

Don't squander this time by clouding their minds with your suppositions.

Don't let grown-up apathy, anger, or disappointments, get in the way of your responsibility to your children, and our future.

If we do not teach people the importance of being part of a greater good, then we wind up with the society of people only concerned with self-interest.

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