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POVERTY IS PASSE' - Get Ready For It.

Could I be the only one that's noticed, that in this day and age, society is tired of subsidizing poor Americans?

Poverty rates are increasing, even in the face of an extensive social service network.

The fact that money goes towards improvements that never materialize, in the lives of poor people all over the world, has made generous people weary of seeing tax dollars go to helping those that need the help.

If poverty doesn't improve, and in fact gets worse, what sense does it make to continue throwing money at the problems?

Education is the key to making society great, and alleviating the burdens felt by 'the rich' to subsidize 'the poor'.

It will always be true, that teaching us to fish would go a lot further, than does giving us a fish every month to live on.

Society is moving away from poor people, and losing interest in subsidizing crime and endless poverty.

We have to raise self-sufficient children.

It is a mistake for us to continue to accept the unacceptable.

Instead of adapting to rampant hunger, and the poor education system, and lack of jobs, lack of housing, and especially to the increasing horror of street crime and teen-aged criminals...

Instead of building the system to accommodate those of us who are not self-sufficient, we need to develop the one system that was designed to make each of us into viable, prosperous human beings.

We need to prevent poverty, not try to accommodate poverty.

We need to educate people so that they can be a skilled person or an intelligent person with an above average income, for whom society will not need to intervene.

Let's create a national system whereby all our parents are GOOD parents, and all our children WANT to be educated.

It CAN be done!

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