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Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I would very much like to soften what I was saying in my last blog post.

I hung myself out, and did myself a disservice, by saying I agree with skinheads and proud boys, to some extent.

I know it can be off-putting to some folks.

So please allow me to explain more clearly.

All I want, in the whole world, is for ALL black children to be FULLY educated.

Frankly, all children without exception should receive a full education. But to the point that I agree with the radical right, I think proud boys and skinheads generally would be less acrimonious, if the people they complain about, were more self-sufficient and less likely to require social services or free money from the government.

Truly, people that hate other people of other races, complain about losing jobs to immigrants or people of color. People that hate also hate because they are jealous. And they may even hate because it’s what their family and friends do.

Anger is a part big part of human nature. Many many people foster anger, at the drop of a hat. They don’t always even know why. They just want to be angry. They need it.

But I think if you were to ask the angry people whether they think all people of all races should pull their own weight, I think you could get the skinheads and the proud boys to agree. Once again, whether they know how they feel or not.

My entire premise for writing this blog; health and wellness, spiritual insight, interpersonal communication, and education for every single black child, is designed to express, that no matter what your viewpoint, no matter how far left or how far right you are…. there are things we agree on and I am right there with you…. at least a little bit.

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