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PHARMACEUTICAL FAIL - One Pill Makes You Larger....

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

One of the precious few college courses that I took was called 'The Medium is the Message', which dealt with how media manipulates our minds.

From that experience I would offer you this:

Media messages can be constructed specifically, to work on our subconscious brain.... to have a lasting effect on us, without our being aware of it.

Later I worked in radio marketing.

From that experience I would offer you this:

Running only one commercial, to deliver an advertising message, is a useless waste of money.

In order for a commercial advertisement to have an effect on the target audience, it must be endlessly repetitive.

In the case of the drug companies, these advertisements familiarize you with the newest, latest pharmaceutical drugs.

But what is more insidious, in my opinion, is the altruism that a drug company can hide behind, while they shovel countless harsh chemical remedies, onto a sick and dependent public.

A necessary evil.

Necessary for the obvious reason, but evil because the use of pharmaceuticals plays right into the hands of our reluctance to do the work ourselves.

Science proclaims that part of the reason we are so easy to 'drug', is because we are hard-wired to try to eliminate pain and suffering.

Another part of the blame is the element of supply and demand.... if they make them - we will take them.

But science doesn't talk about the true nature of the human, and how that nature plays into supporting the multi-trillion dollars success of the pharmacy mentality.

I explain it this way:

Americans are much more likely to go to a medical professional, explain an ailment, receive a prescription, swallow a pill, and get back on the couch in time for Dancing with the Stars, than they would be, to figuring out what is wrong with their health, themselves, and then to modify eating habits and exercise routines, in order to bring their health into balance.

It is so much easier to take a pill, than it is to research our own ailments, and devise natural, homeopathic cures, on your own.

We bring our ailments great and small to a doctor, and receive a pill.

Pharmaceutical companies are happy to help, while smiling all the way to the bank.

These companies will never suggest rest, and diet, and exercise, even though there is a good chance that natural approaches might be more effective, with less side effects.

Meanwhile... there is a significant amount of research regarding subliminal messages and cognitive response to repetitive advertising.

Commercials can be manipulated to affect us subliminally.

Researchers suggest that 'need' is created when we hear or see a commercial repetitively.

My contention, specifically with regard to pharmaceutical advertising, is that listening repetitively to information about diseases, creates a receptive space in your psyche that, upon further repetition of the information, can actually create the very conditions that the ads describe.

I liken it to hypochondria... the ability to create the illusion in one's mind, that a disease or condition exists.

Compare that, to the response to hearing about a disease or ailment, so often, that your subconscious mind begins to work on your body to develop symptoms.

I'm not saying that this is hard science.

But my own experiences tell me, that my body can hear and react to, what my mind is thinking.

It's difficult for me to take on the pharmaceutical industry.

All their words and concepts are big and confusing, and drugs and ailments are so individual, and complex.

And I suppose I should also mention, that I am no medical person.

However I feel as though the pharmaceutical industry is setting you up for diseases that you don't have to have, so that they can sell you pills that are not, in the long run, going to be good for you.

I feel like things like arthritis can be cured by not eating sugar.

I feel like things like calcium deficiency can be fixed with a vitamin pill ($.12 per pill), not a pharmaceutical ($3.00 per pill).

Health issues are uber complicated, so I am only suggesting, based on my own observances, what might be happening to us.

My over-riding point is this.

Turn down the volume on repetitive television commercials that discuss diseases that you MIGHT have.

The pharmaceutical industry is looking to plant seeds into your psyche/subconscious mind.

They know what they are doing, and they are quite skilled at it.

Your brain is suggestible. And your body is controlled by your brain.

If you’ve ever watched a television commercial and thought to yourself, "hmm... I think I have that..." then perhaps you already know this!

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