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Peoples Action Ministry

I have updated the information for our new ministry.

Please know that I am not hounding you for money.

You are my readers, not my prospective donors.

But I am developing this idea, and input is valuable to the process.

I'm glad you are here and I don't want to chase you away.

As this concept develops I think it improves.

I'm looking for collaborations, and hoping to spread these ideas far and wide.

Bless you for caring...

Program Description

Peoples Action Ministry seeks educational excellence for all children, and spiritual stability for all people.

Our programs are as follows:

§ Teen Forum USA

§ Children with Class

§ Transformative Wellness and Healing

These programs were created because we have serious social and educational deficiencies in every corner of society. Community health, education, crime, poverty – all areas where we need to do more.

This ministry template is designed to fill in gaps in the education and training

of the average child, based on the notion that children should be taught God’s word, in a manner that offends no other persons’ religious beliefs. Providence and grace should not be confined to the religious.

The ministry template is also designed to provide our communities with low cost options for mental and spiritual wellness, without catering to religious doctrine.

Strictly non denominational, The Ministry will be a faith-based community development non profit, where the focus will be on filling the educational gaps that children experience, and developing spiritual oneness, with and among all people.


There is no reason why every child should not excel in life. Not any more!

The secret is, we need to make sure that each child has a complete education. AND, we have to provide each and every one of them with individual attention and proper guidance, above and beyond anything we’ve done in the past.

What many children have been missing all this time, is the nurturing one-on-one attention of a well-informed adult.

What’s more, to a very great extent, society is reluctant to show a child how much we care about them, how important they are to us, and how much we love them, both as their parents, and as a community.

Focus on love and caring are tantamount to the Teen Forum USA program.

We discuss topics of concern, and pay special attention to each child. There is an emphasis on expressing our dedication to our children. We are teaching children all the things that they are not learning in school, to make sure they are better citizens.

Older children are encouraged to obtain answers to questions, and explore new thoughts and ideas. They’re also encouraged to look past their current roadblocks to a successful future.

Offering children new and broader perspectives is the essence of creating a well-prepared and fully engaged society. So many of our kids have limited exposes in this regard.

For children with disciplinary issues, we have never failed to make inroads with those children who require special attention. That’s why we exist - to provide special attention. Our schools do not have the resources necessary to attend to these children.

The kids come in the door neglected, angry, disruptive, and even dangerous. They exist in the neighborhoods that are the perfect breeding grounds for criminals and mass murderers.

When we don't intervene, they stay that way.


Children With Class will endeavor to restore a sense of pride, honor, and class, to young children today, without trying to strip them of their personality or take away their youth.

The key to this kind of training, is that we do not offer it under disciplinary circumstances. We speak to them as highly intelligent and fully engaged young adults.

We strive to reach these children at an early age. We believe that the key to raising children properly, is to explain the issues. We discuss things with them honestly, and ask them to make better choices. We treat them with great respect, and we expect more from them. Young minds are poised to rise to the challenge.

This is a list of program module titles:

· Self: Esteem, Control, Worth, Confidence, Reliance, Awareness, Preservation.

· Communication: Listening and speaking.

· Being Civilized: Courtesy, Consideration, Grace, Humility and Thankfulness.

· Behavior in public and in School.

· Respect: For Self, Others, and Elders.

· Manners: Table, Social, at Home.

· Honesty, Trust and Responsibility.

· Health and Grooming.

· Your Future.


The Action Ministry will deal with the collective trauma that the community experiences - the effects of which can leave devastating emotional scars, that can have lasting unpleasant consequences.

The program focuses on spiritual fulfillment, and not religious practices. The basic overall premise is to provide holistic wellness, for every body.

Yoga, nature appreciation, caring for care-givers, counseling, poetry reading, meditation for contemplation and for relaxation; food distribution, after school programs, cultural sharing, personal growth workshops… and any other uplifting program or class deemed beneficial to the community.

Next Steps

At present we are looking for help from a local developer, with regard to securing a building. We are also looking to open dialogues with agencies, organizations, and corporations interested in getting involved. With initial monies raised we will hire a professional fundraiser.

In Conclusion

Marginalized communities suffer greatly at the hands of inflation, pandemic, and severe crime in the street. Yet society needs to stop asking the government to fix our problems. People that care need to find ways to help and eliminate these issues.

There is one and only one answer to every ill that we face as a nation. Raise better people. Nurture them more. Educate them all. Our society will continue to suffer if do not deal with these issues.

We are therefore seeking support to run and grow these life-affirming programs for our communities.

I am the former director of a non-profit education-based organization. We have written and managed many programs for young people today.

These programs have demonstrated a remarkable ability to change a child’s life. We appeal to you to consider being involved in any way you can.

Our children deserve better.

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