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My Controversial Concepts #7

# I have many things to say about politicians…. I generally feel they exist in an environment where it is difficult to be fully forthcoming (read: honest). But I also am quite concerned that we blame politicians for things over which they have zero control, and are not solely (or even partially) responsible. Humans love to have someone to blame. I mention this because we don’t realize… we’ve never ever ever been through multiple years in ‘pandemic mode’. We have absolutely nothing to compare this experience to, and we have no knowledge-base, when it comes to dealing with the aftermath of shutting down the entire world economy for two years. We seem to be expecting to bounce-back, effortlessly. We seem to have no tolerance for the scope of devastation caused by massive layoffs, business closings, firings, store closures, school closings, loss of commerce, and nearly seven million dead people. There could easily be long-term effects we are unfamiliar with. Well, research indicates that the entire world is about to suffer some level of recession, and the United States is in the best position of all other nations, to suffer the least. The entire world is suffering. And it may get worse. So that blaming any politician, for what is happening in the world with gas prices, supply chain issues, crime, economic downturns and recession, or any other post lock-down dilemma, seems poorly conceived.

# I'm going to tell you something. When I am taking my vitamin supplements, my body works like a well-oiled steam engine. When I'm not taking my vitamins, I have aches and pains, my brain sleeps all day, and there's no vitality. And by ‘no vitality’ I’m trying to be diplomatic about the systems that do not work when I am not properly vitamin-ated. I'll tell you something else. There is no way possible that eating food is providing me with a sufficient amount of vitamins and nutrients. I even drink carrot and beet juice that I make myself. I think vitamin supplementation is exactly the correct name for it. A means to supplement food. The fact that the medical industry downplays vitamin supplementation, in favor of our system of the medical morass that is health care in America, is criminal. I think it would be very intelligent, and incredibly cost-effective, for society to figure out how to supplement vitamins, nutrients and minerals to American people, and all people, in order to keep us functioning at a high level, both intellectually and physically, and keep Americans away from pharmaceuticals and excessive medical intervention.

# I take a good bit of heat, for trying to be fair to both sides of any and every argument. People ask me how can I be for both ‘sides’. Yet I truly believe that this ability should be utilized more often. By everyone. As an example… let’s use student debt forgiveness. Generally, many believe that the President did a good thing. Poor people will benefit, and that is a criteria that resonates. And by all means, benefiting poor people always seems most fair. However, those that are strongly against nullifying the agreement to pay back a loan, feel it is financial and moral sacrilege. Well I would like to work for the benefit of poor people. And I would very much like for the process to be fair and financially sound. And I don’t know why I have to be on one side or the other. It seems to me that if we were to understand and appreciate both sides of a discussion, we would understand how to work together to compromise, and our outcomes would be less divisive.

# And finally I’d like to say this. I think we've all known someone, or been the someone, who lost faith in God, in the face of devastating personal tragedy. I know there are plenty of people, who manage to live life feeling that there is no God. And I get that. But for some of us, questioning God comes into play from time to time. What I think I would say to you, is that God is not the type of guy, that is there to prevent bad stuff from happening. God is the type of guy who is there for you to turn to, when bad stuff happens. If you believe in Him, don’t give up on Him during a personal tragedy. Ask him instead for comfort and strength. For some of us, this is very helpful. And for some of us, He is all we have….

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