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My Controversial Concepts #5

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

§ Recently the prime minister of Hungary made an off-hand public comment, stating that his country did not want to become a nation of ‘peoples of mixed race’. I’m not sure how I feel about this issue. While his opinion (which is not a foreign concept throughout Hungary) is based in disdain for brown and black people, it is also based on their particular brand of Hungarian culture and heritage. I have difficulty disparaging a belief in racial purity. As odd as that may sound. If a benign form of racial purity is what people want for their country or their heritage, who are we to say? Hungarians in particular take pride in their racial purity. What’s more, they are not inclined to murder or pillage in order to enforce or achieve their beliefs. I’m not sure we have ample moral ground on which to stand against this.

§ I heard something on the news a couple weeks ago that I did not see discussed anywhere again, and I wondered if others had heard this as well. Uvalde law enforcement were said to have felt, (GOD this is even hard to type!) that little brown children were ‘not worth’ saving or dying for. The entire phalanx of law enforcement officers and agents, did not want to risk their precious white lives for these particular people. When you watch the recording of the stand-off, this knowledge tends to ring true. It explains a lot. At least for me.

§ I would like to suggest that not one of us deserves the accolades that come with our day of birth. Your mother was the one that was there, the one in pain, and the one who really deserves the credit, for actually giving birth to you. Not you. So may I suggest on our birthday, we celebrate and acknowledge, the Mothership Vessel. Not ourselves.

§ Who would have thought!? After all the whining and complaining and blaming. WE, as individual entities -WE are the ones that affect gas prices. NOT the President! Not the cartels! Not The Deep State! When more of us drive less, the gas prices go down. We the People, working together as One, are the ones that had the most dramatic affect on gas prices. Let that sink in. We have stopped working together. Yet working together has always been the only answer to all our problems. That and complete education. Of course.

§ President Biden keeps repeating that Donald Trump did not have the guts to face or stand up against the rioting insurrectionists. These are the kinds of things that annoy me about politics. I wish our leaders had a better handle on communication. Donald Trump has plenty of guts. What Donald Trump did not possess on January 6th was the original intent. The WILL to intervene. He never intended to use his power against the riot. He incited the riot. As soon as there was no government defensive presence or response to the violence, it was obvious that the president did not intend to defend the Capital against the insurrection. That was the defining moment, where it became evident that this was all brought to you by Donald Trump Productions.

§ I was listening to a story on NPR about how American servicemen are grateful for the law being passed that will help them survive the effects of burn pits in Afghanistan. The scientist in the story is also studying the Afghan people, because those people, living there, were breathing much more than the ill effects of the burn pits and dust storms. They’ve been breathing in this kind of American help (extreme pollution and dangerous toxic particles) for decades. I was considering not caring. You know, the Afghan people were suffering. I was torn, because if Afghan people were not such corrupt, angry fighting machines, there would not be so much war in their country, perhaps.

And then as I naturally will do, I started thinking about how much women could affect a situation such as that. My hope is that the women of the Arab world are able to wrest power from, and usurp the authority of, men, and religious zealots.

If women were able (and willing) to take control of the their culture and their people, and raise better, fully educated children, they would have better outcomes.

And we could be free of their anger and their incessant mongering.

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