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My Controversial Concepts #4

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

  • Having just experienced another 4th of July in my sad little poverty-stricken city, it occurs to me that many of the people who set off fireworks on this holiday are doing so for no patriotic reason at all. There is definitely more pyromania involved then there is patriotism. The first year I moved here it sounded like a fireworks factory had caught fire. That was in 2016. So I dare say, it’s a mixture of pyromania, and pent up anger.

  • Today we live in a society where we are being forced to accept the fact that crime exists. Somehow, the criminals and their ilk seem to be saying, society needs to stop complaining about crime, and adapt. Instead we need to be coming up with strategies to prevent crime. The very notion that we are changing our laws and our practices to accommodate violent criminals in the black community, makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Poverty, and a lack of education, is growing and spreading, faster than the virus did. This means that our crime rate, worldwide, is going to go up. Can you imagine!? People with no education are doomed to a life of poverty. Usually so are their children. We are already partially dystopian. There is only one thing we can do to stem this tide of depravity and despair. We need to begin to nurture our people, and insist that our children be fully and properly educated.

  • A decade ago, or so, I was putting together information about China for a news story. I was puzzled by the fact that people don't recognize China as a world power of great concern. The articles I had collected, were regarding China's superiority. They were buying more cars and making more air pollution and producing more children and excelling at science. But on a deeper level I don't think we understand the power of China. China's civilization is over 5000 years old and ours is 200 years old. They out-number us 4.3 to 1… a direct indicator of their power, as after all, there is power in numbers. Based on the morass that America has become, I don’t think it’s long before China becomes the world’s #1 super-power.

  • Nothing you do or say is going to stop these mass murders. The problem is that these people are desperate to be heard. And it is my belief, that many of them, for whatever reason, would prefer to be dead; they seem willing to show the world how much hurt and anger they are suffering from. This goes for those that mow down innocent people with assault weapons, and it also goes for those that run away from six officers with loaded guns during a traffic stop. How can their be any other conclusion? Suicide by cop is definitely a thing. Un-nurtured people can easily become problematic. Caring for each other, and our own selves, should immediately become part of our education system.

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