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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

>Food is ruining humanity. My one contention with God, is food. We are over-weight, out of shape, we have hunger, and food desserts, empty-calorie malnutrition, wide-spread famine, and my personal gripes, shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning up afterwards… Plus all the food that is wasted in this country. My solution would have been a vitamin pill twice a day instead of food. Think how much easier it would be to provide nutrition for every person on earth! We’d all be well-fed and better for it. Food would be easier to afford. Easier to obtain. Easier to distribute. Harder to waste. And best of all, it would be easier to clean up the kitchen afterwards!

>Based on my first 67 years, I would have to say that my purpose here on earth, is to prove that you can work really really hard, and get absolutely nowhere…. contrary to prevailing ‘wisdom’. For me, when one door closes, the other doors become rusted shut.

>Suicide is the number one cause of death among college students, because college students begin to realize at some point, that life is not at all like what our parents raised us to expect. As a matter of fact, our parents probably did not give us nearly enough information about the real world, and what might happen in the future.

>The reason that Republican-minded people are supporting the man we had in office, is because with the man we had in the office, Republican minded people are getting what they want. An ultra-conservative viewpoint. Democrats should understand that, and learn to try to give Republicans more of what they want. Republicans are not always wrong, and it’s obvious that if the majority suppresses the minority long enough, the minority will rise up by any means, to be heard.

>And since we were talking about the Almighty Father… I’ve always wanted to tell this to somebody… When you say ‘God damn’ and you believe that damn is the curse… damn is not the ‘bad’ word in that phrase… it is the use of the Lord's name which is improper. I don’t think people see that. Damn is not in any way an offensive word or a curse word. As I was raised, it was ‘damn’ that got you into trouble. However when you refer to our Father who art in Heaven, and you are not using His name to praise Him, or thank Him, or ask for help or guidance, or you use His name frivolously or dispassionately - if you use His name or His reference as an adjective or an adverb, well then damn it, time to rethink your approach… 😊

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