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Maximum Credibility... let's go for it!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I am a Republican black woman… as you may already know.

And a damn-near staunch Conservative.

Consequently, there is so much of the Conservative Republican platform that I support and agree with.

Even the old-timey Conservative Republican whack-jobs that run this country, and EVEN the radical angry gun-toting loud-mouth foul-speaking ultra-conservative wingnuts, have points and beliefs that I agree with.

So let me say this to us all. (Feel free to imagine that you are hearing this from an old-woman-authority-figure that you grew up respecting, and fearing at the same time).

Those of you who support Donald Trump, and ignore the findings of The United States House Select Committee on the January 6 attack on the United States Capital Building and the United States government, are doing yourselves a very great disservice.

If you support someone who has deceived and lied to all of us, perhaps you are just being misled. If you don’t admit what you see with your own eyes on television, then it is you deceiving yourself.

You can continue to deceive yourself, but you do not engender yourselves to any level of credibility. You also render your opinions about the American Condition, meaningless.

If you continue to disavow the Jan 6 hearings, it proves that you do not care about or intend to consider, that which has been found to be true, based on multiple sworn testimonies, from impeccable American patriots.

It means you don’t care about hard working people that were hurt and damaged in some way by the events of the day. If you don’t care about peoples’ lives, and you don’t at least listen to what is being said, you remain uninformed, heartless, ineffective and unimpressive.

It means that your opinion is poorly informed, and is probably flawed.

By definition.

It’s very simple. If you don't watch the hearings, and you dismiss information, then you are ill informed. If you are ill-informed then your opinion doesn't matter. (Which is why I’m guessing so many of you are SHOUTING!)

If you actually wanted to participate in the discussion, you could support Donald Trump, follow the hearings, incorporate the truth and still achieve your goals.

As I said, I don’t disagree with some of the opinions put forth by the Radical Right. I even agree with some of what your most recent ex-president says he believes. AND, I recognize that Donald Trump is rightfully associated with a long list of impressive accomplishment as president... truly....

But Republicans would be in a much better place if they were just regular humans. They (the old white guys) are not regular humans. They are filthy rich, hugely out of touch, self-serving, dishonest idiots.

With the rapid deterioration of partisan politics in America today, we have seen politicians that will say anything to achieve a goal.

Presumably, you are not a filthy rich and powerful, hugely out of touch, self-serving dishonest wingnut politician.

You are just regular folks. Your points and opinions are substantial and valuable on their own merit.

The tendency to pull in falsehoods, deceptions, false conspiracy theories, and straight-up lies, diminishes the value of your efforts, as well as the strength of your arguments and validity of your beliefs.

The notion that someone can deceive the majority of people, in order to achieve some political aspiration, devalues credibility. The fact that someone thinks everyone else is dumb enough to fall for the lies and deception, does not give credence to your cause.

You’d be more successful at your goals, more effective and credible to your cause, if you came from honesty and grace instead.

Find your center. Know, that much of what you want for our country and your family, has validity.

Let’s stop supporting dishonesty, lies, mistruths, deceptions, conspiracies, dirty deals, and crazy fringe behavior. Stop disregarding/ignoring the lives and needs of your fellow humans.

Stop supporting filthy rich politicians that don’t actually care about us, that are waaaaay too powerful to be honest, and waaaaay to mired in red tape and corporate loyalties, to accomplish anything they promise us.

Take hold of your values. Swing the pendulum away from the far Left or Right. Let’s learn to communicate better, and to value all opinions, and all people.

For all the support we give to religion and the Bible, we should know that this bad behavior is not supported. In fact, most religions will have you in hell when your time comes.... for deception, and for disregard for human life.

We will get much further and live much better lives, if we work together, believe in each other, and keep virtue in our hearts.

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