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Make Ya Wanna SCREAM Sometimes..

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

The problem with our top leaders, is that they are only there to represent one side.

Our President is supposed to represent US ALL! Yet he can think of nothing of any value, to say to people that believe that abortion is murder.

He should be able to acknowledge what is right and wrong about both sides of an argument, and figure out how to get us on a path where we can coexist.

Bombing these pregnancy clinics – I get the ironic point... they used to kill our doctors. Now we'll bomb their clinics.

It's not even cool. I've never seen a more asinine bit of anger, then the trashing of pregnancy centers.

Centers that are centric to a woman's birthing needs? Are you kidding me?

Who the hell is bombing a center that is centric to a woman's prenatal needs?

And then claiming to be standing up for women’s rights?

We have all made mistakes with regard to our collective stance on abortion. We lacked the science, and then ignored the implication with regard to the life and viability of a fetus. We let everything we know about intellectual spiritual living, lapse. We became self-important and learned to bend the rules of moral living, to suit our needs.

But I guess if there are people that don’t believe in, or find that they need to ignore time of viability issues, in America today maybe they have a right to do so.

It is time for us to learn to focus, based on the science that we know now, on bringing babies into the world, or not, but properly.

And it’s also time for us to raise better leaders!

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