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Life Is Just a Game of Telephone -(except there is no answer)

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

-The other night I did something I don't usually do.

-I used liberal profanity in my responses to the conspiracy theorists on my Facebook page.

-The next morning I posted an apology.

-I have many influential, and many elegant people as 'friends' - I hoped I hadn't offended anyone.

-What's more, I always try to appear to be 'classy'... :-)

-So this morning I was compelled to post this.

-Please feel free to use it if you need it.

-And you should also know, I was an announcer for almost 20 years!

I want to share something generally unacknowledged, that I have learned from my unique engagements with life.

For years I did my job on the microphone. Talking about interesting stuff, basically, along with engaging the audience.

Having said lots of 'memorable stuff' on the air, I'd be approached by people, year in and year out, that would simply misquote what I had said, and much more importantly, misinterpret the meaning of what I had been talking about.

Decades of folks everywhere I went, telling me how they loved the story about... whatever. Or how funny something was. It was my job to be fun and engaging, and I can tell you that without question, mostly everything that is said, is misconstrued... by someone if not everyone.

Even the dumb and unimportant stuff. They missed the point. They missed the meaning. It was almost as if there was a hard limit to what they could digest... intellectually.

In some instances, if you try to clarify, they still want to stick with the misconception. They want what I said to fit into THEIR narrative. What I said takes on a whole new meaning in some cases, regardless of my intention.

My point is this. Life is just a game of telephone. What you are talking about is not necessarily what others will hear. They will also ascribe any meaning that they care to, and they also misunderstand, and frequently are not able, or interested, in knowing what your true or actual meaning might have been.

Believe me when I tell you this... the scope of types of people, the scope of their capabilities, and the scope of concepts and thought processes, that exist, is generally unfathomable, if not completely unknown, to the rest of us.

Think about how many time in your life you have thought to yourself, "What were they thinking!".

And in the case of a forum such as Facebook, discussing anything is never thorough. If you need to discuss important issues, all of the information should be presented. It never is.

I'm saying that to say this.

If you find, going forward, that your access on my Facebook page is limited or restricted in some way, it is because you appear to be unaware, and also to care less, about how your message affects others... especially those that are easily misled.

You may even be right. But you don't even TRY to pick the proper audience for your concerns.

We ALL know much of what you are saying is possible. But quite simply, now is not the right time, and we are not the right people, to deal with all your 'research' and all your 'knowledge'.

If you have a beef with the powers that be, go whine to them.

If you're SO right, why not take your issues to the proper people through the proper channels.

It's cowardly for you to stir up information from your keyboard, and pass it on to people that will misconstrue it and have no ability to change or affect the situation.

What's worse even still, is that some of you are fully vaccinated, and tell people things that lead them to question vaccination.

I don't associate with such low integrity.

The rest of us have our own fiascos to deal with. And no body can do ANYTHING, about the garbage you're spewing.

Since we are desperately trying to be a society and a humanity that thrives, and supports one another, you do not fit in, and I would prefer not to be a part of your misguided dissension.

It is one thing to question authority. I do it every day. But to jeopardize the welfare of the planet for your own personal aggrandizement, or your own personal enjoyment, is no longer acceptable.

However you take this, I mean you no harm.

But we have enough troubles, and it is about time that someone shut you down.

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