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KNOW HOW TO KNOW - Mind Opened...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

In hearing people discuss current events, it becomes clear that generally speaking, people do not get a balanced information diet.

I am an advocate for watching every news outlet available.

The news I use: NPR, CNN, FOX, conventional network news, EWTN, CBN, PBS News Hour, PBS Asian News, Teen Kids News, CBC Kids News, TYT, local news, and whatever else I come across.

The input from children, and the religious center, are extremely enlightening.

I learn something from each show I watch, and the fair balance of information informs my every conclusion.

The best way to formulate deeply held opinions, is to get all the information that you can.

I also advocate for raising children that want to watch and understand world events.

It can be done.

It helps children to form critical thinking skills, reasoning, and the understanding of reality living on planet earth.

Seeing a world view broadens ones knowledge base, and informs children especially, of how others live.

It is an important component of a complete education.

Don’t coddle our kids.

Let them know and process the truth.

If we can raise our children to follow the news, we’d have things to discuss with our children at the dinner table.

We’d have more reasons to interact with each other.

Children appreciate intellect, whether you realize it or not.

I’ve seen intellect win over a rambunctious child, where no discipline would.

We’d all be the better for it.

Watch the news yourself.

Watch all the news.

Don’t let other people's opinions be your only information source.

Watch the news from all perspectives.

That is the only way to get the balanced perspective of common knowledge.

Strive to see all sides of an issue.

Remember that, no matter what you know, you never have 100% of the information.

And you almost never have.... direct knowledge.

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