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IN SUPPORT OF LAW ENFORCEMENT - It's the CRIMINALS that deserve our scorn...

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I’m here to say that police officers see the worst underbelly of society, every day, for a living.

In some cities police were out-gunned by criminals, yet some of us are now upset because police departments had to muscle up.

Police agencies were issued army gear and weaponry which the army no longer needed, in response to the influx of automatic weaponry into the streets of the inner city.

The optics there are unfortunate. But you can’t bring a six-shooter to an Uzi fight.

What’s more, police are asked to solve for mental impairment and poverty, and this is wholly unfair.

Officers are trained to restrain unruly individuals, not determine whether they are schizophrenic or psychotic.

Police officers are blamed for the results, for doing the job that we hire them to do.

And then there’s the new breed of criminal.

Indeed criminals today seem to feel as though they have a right to determine for themselves, whether or not they want to be arrested- as if they can tell an officer ‘no’.

This boggles my mind.

We need to understand what it's like. Officers have to deal with the very worst and lowest elements of human society.

We need to have more empathy for them, based on the position we put them in.

We aren’t raising perfect people. We allow crime and stupidity, which is self perpetuating - not getting better.

The police are left to clean up our mess.

So then we try to ‘fix” law enforcement officers because we don’t approve of what they have to do to protect us.

That is an insult on so many levels.

The greatest of these being, we make no appreciable attempt to end crime, and frequently it would appear that we choose the criminals over the protectors.

To be sure, racial bias training for officers fails to take into consideration that police officers develop bias, based on reality.

Being a police officer can be like living in the Viet Nam war.

We need to walk a few miles in their shoes, before we go arbitrarily adjusting their biases.

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