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I'm Sayin' It... I Don't Care...

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

I GET it, that as the tide turns, people don’t want to be perpetually obsessing over RACE anymore. That is most certainly… understandable. And you are not wrong.

But I am trying to FIX the problem. Not bury it underground… again.

The issue is, why IS there racism. Let's get to the ROOT of the problem.

Let’s find out WHY we are hated.

I believe the answer is not racism, but disappointment. People want and expect more from a ‘race’ of people. People want people to ‘carry their own weight’. People want people to stop complaining and whining about ‘oppression’, and the past, and get on with their lives.

After all,'s.DONE!

So that, when we try to ignore this issue, instead of fixing it, the people suppressing their anger and frustration (with a 'race'), only get more angry and more frustrated.

I’m going to assume that you know, that this is not healthy.

Hatred is THERE. It never left. It doesn’t just disappear. Let’s be brave and… deal with the TRUTH!

People don’t hate us for no reason. People hate us because they want more from us. People hate us because we don’t have the educations we need, to take care of our own selves.

If all black people were rich, well educated, and self sufficient, there’d be no racial hatred against black people.

Our leaders need to start advocating for self sufficiency. Not reparations.

For God’s sake… how can you see the amount of social service money that has gone into ‘saving’ poor people, and ask for reparations in the face of it?

Are you kidding me? By measure of funding poor black peoples’ short-comings, over the decades, I’d say our reparations are paid in full!

Outside of you and me, no one anywhere can face these truths.

The reason we can’t communicate with each other successfully, or find any common ground today, is that no one speaks the truth (out loud), and people lack the interpersonal communication skills necessary to deal with these kinds of sensitive topics.

If we don’t face the truth and we don’t communicate, things will get worse, not better. Can you imagine.... worse?

Our leaders cannot fix the problems. And if they do have a solution, we will never hear about it.

Our leaders are not the least bit interested in solving the problems in the black community. They are bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars from outside of the community, to fix the problems we have. The minute the problem is fixed, the money will stop. So they CAN'T fix it. They raise money to fix problems for which they have no solution. Yet they receive millions. Being a leader in the Black community is incredibly lucrative. And completely fruitless.

I'm sorry.

Our leaders are talking circles around our problems because they're paid, to fix a problem that they can’t, don’t, and won’t ever solve.

They don’t know how to stop people from using guns on each other. Backpacks? Barbeques?

They have absolutely no idea how, and no desire, to solve this problem. They are talking and they are getting paid by the word.

I can tell this is true, because we live in a very poor city, yet these guys dress like superstars, and travel around the world.

They have no solutions and they remain feckless. They are going to talk for another millennia and black people are going to continue to shoot each other, law enforcement is going to continue to try to protect us, (from ourselves), poor people are going to continue to stand in the streets and beg for services and infrastructure improvements, while the preachers and the politicians in our towns continue to wear Armani.

It's nauseating. Why are we falling for this crap? They know nothing. They can fix nothing. Nothing is changing. It's getting worse. Yet they are being handsomely ‘paid’.

I'm watching one of our top leaders on tv right now… They take the conversation from - "how do we stop having public murderous massacres" – to - "how much we need somebody to come and spend more money in our community."

Somehow our leaders are always able to turn our tragedies, into money-making opportunities.

So I guess my point is this…. the benefactors of peace and community development deserve more bang for their buck!

A full education for each and every person is the only way to cut back on the amount of criminally inclined people that we spawn as a society.

Anyone who asks for money with the stated intent to 'fix' crime, is straight out lying.

If you are in a position to do so, please use your generosity to insist on, or shall I say, foster, better and more enlightened educational outcomes. Insist that all of our children receive a complete, fully encompassing education.

None of the alternative methods of assistance are ever going to work.

*I apologize for the liberal use of capitalization…. I SWEAR I’m not trying to be annoying…. :-)

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