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I'm Not Who You Might Think I Am...

I feel badly that I lost so many readers because of that last blog post.

I probably should stop telling people that I’m a Republican. I think my point there is dreadfully misunderstood.

I’m not a rich out-of-touch white guy or a billion dollar corporation.

I have a great deal of compassion for my fellow people.

I just hoped that you’d be able to see that.

But I also know I was guilty of rage when I wrote that post. Three days later I still feel eviscerated by this reporter who did not feel that my viewpoint was valid, and treated me as such, all thru a recorded interview. It was humiliating.

All I wanted to say was that all school children should be educated.

She torpedoed me at every juncture. As if she defends the Welfare State over self sufficiency.

I want very much to share that interview, so that everyone can hear exactly what I mean. It was diabolical the way she went about diminishing me and my work.

All because of her personal feelings about Republican people! I could feel her disdain.

In my day reporters had no such recourse.

An interview was conducted dispassionately. And presented as a different point of view. You can't air an interview conducted as if the subject was "WRONG". News is designed to present the information. Not judge it!

At least it used to be.

In the final analysis, I was shocked, and thought it would be instructive, to show, that the media is changing. (I was also shocked, because I had been defending the media, AND NPR, for being as fair minded as humans could be. I was WRONG! The media has turned opinionated and judgemental!)

I regret having put my blog readers off with my fervor.

I very much value each one of you.

Please know that I am a Conservative because I object to the lack of modesty in our society and fear for our young people.

And I am a Republican because I knew as a child that government handouts were ruining the black community.

But I am also a Presbyterian Buddhist. My humanitarian tendencies supersede my own sense of self-preservation.

I advocate for finding solutions. Not hard lines that seem insensitive or tone-deaf to the needs of all people.

I also advocate for fair representation and dialogue.

It was devastating for me to find, that public radio had gone inflexibly hard to the left, to the exclusion of any other type of viewpoint.

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