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I'M AN ADVOCATE FOR MODESTY - I'm Practically a Prude!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I am an advocate for modesty.

For all people, and especially for young girls.

I think Beyonce is a disgrace.

I was hoping she would be more like Sarah Vaughan, and instead she’s no more than a billion dollar trollop.

I think hip hop and rap are a travesty, and I give a great deal of credit to those such as LL, for trying to make hip hop respectful and positive.

The very notion that we would preach this garbage to our own people, is just another indication of how little we care about our own selves.

As if the lyrics to these songs were not, in and of themselves, degrading enough, then we have young children trying to emulate what the adults are talking about in the music.

To see a child sing the words to these vulgar songs, trying to act ‘grown’, with lyrics that take explicit content to the last level... it makes me heart-sick.

Ten year old girls dancing suggestively and repeating words they don’t even fully understand… why are we letting this happen?

Why aren’t we upset that our prepubescent girls are talking about having sex already?

I know I sound like my grandmother, but what we are feeding ourselves via popular media today, is ruinous.

We need to raise people that have more regard for one another.

We need to educate our people better than we do.

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