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I haven’t been able to touch base with my blog readers all month. I’ve been working to get some traction on setting up after school services for children.

I originally started with the concept of a soft ministry of sorts. I want people to spend more time developing a spiritual side. And more time developing kindness, empathy, manners, civility… that sort of thing.

But it doesn’t matter anymore. In the time since I last made a blog post, I’ve brought my idea to a highly accomplished (in football and in business) former NFL player, and a very powerful financial couple.

I also gave free copies of my book about raising black children, to my state senator, my state representative, and another politician from one town over.

And in fact I wrote a different book back in 2014, and spent about 6 years promoting it.

Here’s what all three of those things have in common.

Not.One.Person.Has.Ever.Gotten.Back.To.Me, to support, comment, agree, discuss, or even mention, what I’d given or sent to them. Everybody apparently thinks my ideas are too impossible.

Actually, I don’t actually know what people think. But I am being resoundingly ignored.

I’m almost 68 and I don’t think I’m ever going to make inroads towards my goal of raising better Americans. I may give it one last chance… I’m told that corporations WANT to make charitable donations. But I’m betting they are no more willing to take me on, than is anyone else.

I want to thank those of you who have supported this project. That goes especially for those of you who supported my go fund me page. I will be returning your generous donations soon… possible today.

And then maybe I will take up Sudoku. Or learn to crochet….

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