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How Cool Would it Be..... if the change started here...!?

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

How cool would it be, if as Republicans we stood up for the intelligent and righteous opinions and policies, in order to gain the trust and admiration of the nation? If we could be honest, compassionate and conservative…?

How cool would it be, for example, if we could say it was an insurrection and a riot…? If we could explain successfully why we felt the government had to be taken back…

If we could stop with the blatant lying and denial, that we use just so that we can advance a conservative viewpoint…?

Wouldn’t it be great if Republicans took the high road for a change, instead of hiding behind subterfuge and greed? We’re so busy lying about what we want, that we don’t even realize when we have valid points and when we don’t.

And we don’t know how to assert the validity of those things that we believe, that are honest and true, because as Republicans, we are so rarely either honest or truthful.

No one takes us seriously, because Republicans can be such *asshats.

All we do now is search for those that seem to agree with us, and angrily dismiss the ones that don’t.

Do we realize how right we are about abortion, and how wrong we are about voting rights?

Do we really have to change the laws of the land, in order for us to put together a winning ticket? Do we really have to continue to try to convince people, that poor, black, disenfranchised people should somehow be prevented from exercising the right to vote?

Wouldn’t it be cool if instead, we were able to appeal to poor, black, disenfranchised people, and everybody else, by being honest and being sincere?

Instead we propose ‘fairness’. Why can’t voters be given free bottles of water at the polls on a hot day? It’s almost as if Republicans blatantly would rather I keel over and die from thirst, before I get to the booth and pull that lever.

What if I said to you, “we know you need help. But there is not enough money to do everything that you need from the government, **so let’s find other ways”.

Wouldn’t that be better than trying to confuse people and lie to them, in order to win some ill-gotten victory? No matter how hard we wish for it, poor people aren’t going to just disappear. They will simply bring their own water to the polls….

I believe that Republicans could rule the world, and be respected instead of dismissed.

I would ask if our politicians could stop being so greedy and self-centered. I would ask if our politicians could stop saying the stupidest most outrageous statements, and also curb their stupid outrageous actions.

A Republican politician recently commented, that an anime video of Republicans killing Democrats was not meant to harm anybody. My stomach actually turned, I mean I think I experienced for the first time what it means when somebody says your stomach turned.

The Congressman stated in a news conference that a depiction of murder was not meant to be harmful. The greatest most dramatic example of harming. Killing. Not meant to be harmful.

Our politicians are crazy. Power hungry idiots. Willing to say anything to maintain a constituency.

Why can’t we find a high road…? A better class of person…?

It’s because our goals and our interests, as a party of republicans and conservatives, are nefarious, and frequently impossible to justify. The reason Democrats win elections is because the Democratic party seeks to assist people, in theory, not have them die of thirst in a voting line.

But I also need to say this….we have to stop treating politicians, the good-hearted ones, like some kind of national punching bag. If some decent-hearted person comes into office, and we ignore any accomplishments they make, while looking for ways to criticize and blame them, we are doing our own selves a basic disservice.

Why do we attack politicians when they aren't making us happy? Do we realize that individually, we're not always right about everything?

Do we realize that the good people that we're attacking are more inclined to avoid politics in the first place because of public vitriol?

We complain that we don't have good people in politics, and yet we persecute them blindly, blaming them for issues, for which frequently, they bare no blame. And now we've even taken to threatening their lives and the lives of their families because we don't agree with them? Do we see ourselves???

As humans it is our (biggest) tendency to blame others. As humans, it is also now an over-riding tendency, to have very little basic knowledge about world affairs. We do NOT pay attention to world news. We do NOT even care what other people in other lands are thinking or experiencing.

Do we realize that the gentlemen that we refer to as our fore-fathers, were in a position to write the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, because they were paying attention to the world around them? They positioned themselves to know what they were talking about. And they CARED about people, and the future of our nation.

It would be very difficult to be a denier of ANYTHING, if you heard how many other people round the world were also suffering.

And it would be IMPOSSIBLE, for the entire world to be ‘in’ on some new and exciting conspiracy.

That’s why people sometimes ignore world news. We tend to only pay attention to the information that supports our personal views.

But if personal views, are not informed by the entire human condition, then by definition personal views are narrow and subjective. Lacking sufficient information. Rendering the average person ill-equipped to develop fully accurate conclusions.

We need people in this country to maintain a wider knowledge base. We need people in office that can learn to be honest with us, and learn to work to bring us together, by addressing our issues with us, honestly.

But we will never get those people to run for office, if we continue to trash them needlessly. They will get in, take the money, and run. Away from politics. It’s happening more and more. Good people give up on politics. Bad people thrive.

Greed is rampant in powerful places, and cares little about the powerless.

Can we blame anyone but ourselves if no one of quality wants to become a politician? Who can we blame except ourselves for the quality of the politicians or the people that are willing to become politicians?

If we do not rise above human nature to become compassionate and forgiving of people who step up to lead us, they will never feel the need to lead us with compassion. They become power mongering opportunists.

We’re all human…every last one of us. We should know and see the human frailties that we each possess, and move on. Persecuting politicians is wrong on so many levels.

If we grow apart as a society because we are not taught the value of the common good, we get what we’ve got.

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