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Getting Real #1

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The reason that nobody will ever have any affect on school shootings or public massacres, is because no one has the guts to address the problem properly.

All of the things that you want to change, or ‘fix’, are not going to stop people who shoot you.

We are a country based on freedoms, and it has spoiled us.

And we are angry. The fed-up people are the ones with the guns.

But we are also a country where most of us do not have a full education.

We have ignored our peoples’ needs for knowledge and guidance.

I’m sorry to say this, because I don’t want you to disagree with me... but we need to control the education of our population. Mainly because many parents are not doing the job.

People should not grow up angry or self destructive or chronically depressed or suicidal, and if they turn out to be that way, there are remedies.

We just don’t have the time we each require, to care about each other. And we also don't know how...

Our children should be taught how to handle life.

By experts.

As most of us are under-educated, most parents are ill-equipped, and not up to the task. We should not expect that they would be.

Parenting is a job for which, as a nation, we have dropped the ball.

If we don't start nurturing tiny people properly, answering all of their questions, educating them fully..... if we don't start paying attention to young minds, invest more personal input into each of them, and then make sure they receive a full education, we're going to continue to allow people to grow up with brains full of ill begotten knowledge.

Knowledge without guidance is ineffective, and obviously can also be dangerous.

Am I wrong?

The answer to the problem:

We do not love on each other enough.

We do not, as individual families, invest the time in each person, that each person needs.

And we are terrible at interpersonal communication.

We need to say more important stuff to each other, listen better and care more.

We need to teach young people how to successfully parent, Incorporate all the 1-5 yr fundamentals.


Think about it a little... surely it makes sense.

We have to fix tomorrow...

Allowing society the freedom to grow up to be monstrous horrible scarred malcontented non-communicative damaged angry human beings, is not working out for us.

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