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Education: One Answer to ALL our Problems!

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I am a compassionate conservative republican presbyterian buddhist senior citizen lower middle class black woman.

I believe that every single child must be fully educated, and I am an advocate for self sufficiency over social services.

There is one and only one answer to every ill that we face as a nation.

Full education for each and every child.

People with complete educations are not out committing street crime.

People with complete educations do not need social service.

People with complete educations are not being stopped and shot dead by law enforcement.

Complete education is the only answer, to every problem we have as a society today.

Please see if there is something you can agree, or help with, or add to on this topic and others.

And Please Join and Share.

CynthiaTruth is a blog designed to bring light to the topics that are too hard to discuss.

If we talk about it we can make it happen.

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