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DON'T SUPPRESS THE OPPOSITION - Instead Ask Them What They Are Angry About.

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Conservative-minded people, are suppressed by a progressive society.

Radical thinkers, conspiracy theorists, political extremists and prejudiced people are suppressed by society to the extent that they exist... quietly.

So quietly in fact, that the rest of us think they’re gone.

Letting their issues fester is not working for us. Hatred goes underground. It does not disappear.

Suppressing the opposition and chasing them underground did not solve any problems.

People that don’t like black people will always be there. The civil rights movement did not stop hatred.

Currently we are headed right down the same road.

Driving people back underground is not the answer.

We need to hear and listen to all sides and viewpoints, not suppress their voices.

We need to make them know that they can also be part of the process.

I’m here to say that suppression of conservative thinking, is going to destroy us.

The attempt to silence those with whom we disagree, is creating a civil war mentality.

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