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Don't Back Down..... (unless you are wrong!)

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Without looking it up I can tell you that there has been backlash over the fact that numerous school districts across the country have police officers patrolling on school grounds, in order to keep the peace.

I can tell you that fights between students, and fights where students are attacking teachers and staff, are escalating, both in number, and in brutality.

These are some of the most vicious fights you will see outside of the ring at an MMA event. Between children! And frequently teachers are 'toughing it out', not complaining or even reporting these incidents.

Well the first thing I would say here, as you would expect me to say, is that vicious children in society are the penultimate indication that we are not raising our people properly.

The second thing I would say is that we are going to have to go full-bore on these people.

Until we begin to raise better people, we have to deal with the people we have. We have to stop letting parents complain that we are over-reacting, and that we have no right to discipline their kids, or place police enforcement in our schools.

We have to stop letting parents dictate what level of security is necessary, to keep these incredibly awful children, from getting away with this abhorrent behavior.

Have we not all seen children being restrained by law enforcement?

Vicious little people that have decided, based on how they are raised, that they have the right to misbehave. The incident that I saw on the news, had me firmly on the side of locking up a nine year old girl.

If a grown, armed police officer cannot restrain a nine year old with a bad attitude, the child needs accelerated tough love.

It is exactly the same thing when a grown up decides to defy law enforcement, and winds up dead.

We allow the families of these people to elevate their badly behaved 'victim' to martyr status.

Somehow it is the fault of the officer.

These children and these badly behaved adults are in violation of a law.

Every Last One Of Them!

We have got to stop taking the side of the scofflaw criminal badly behaved 'victim'.

We have got to be firm, and stand together as a society, speak up and speak the truth.

All we hear is..."They're too young to be prosecuted. They were ambushed in their own home. The police are racists. The victim was a mother or a father, and their family loved them. The victim wasn't doing anything wrong. The victim has socialization issues. You're just picking on us because we're African Americans."

Who ARE these people we are giving birth to?

The story that I referenced in a recent blog post about a student being stabbed.... well that student was the only child of a homeless woman. Imagine a teenager brutally stabbing a homeless 10 year old child, and feeling no remorse!

ENOUGH! We need to say, in unison, out loud, that the fact that that child is so badly behaved, is squarely on the shoulders of you, the parent.

We need to say, that the behavior of your son or daughter, or your school aged child, is 1) unacceptable, 2) unlawful, 3) disruptive, 4) endangering the lives of others, 5) barbaric, 6) disgraceful, 7) inexcusable, 8) asinine, 9) criminal, 10) frightfully aggressive, 11) dangerous, and 12) disgusting.

Today there is a story at CNN that talks about why law enforcement treats white children differently than they do black children.

I refused to even glance at the story. It angers me that we even broach the subject.

As if the fault lay somewhere other than with these children. And the parents.

They get what they deserve. I don't care how racist and prejudiced a police officer is.

The bottom line is that white children en masse are not nearly as frightening as are black children. NO WHERE are white children gathering at the mall to beat the crap out of each other.

There is actually a movie company that trolls the streets to get black kids acting like savages, on film. It's now a YouTube channel.

NO WHERE are white people misguided enough to think that they should pull out a weapon when approached by police.

NO WHERE are white children audacious enough to hit a teacher upside the head with classroom furniture.

NO WHERE would a white person run away from and disobey six heavily armed police officers.

Have you ever seen or heard of it?

Neither have I.

We neglect to educate our people, and then we allow bad behavior.

Families of badly behaved 'victims' win huge settlements in court over misguided accusations of police brutality, and then we wonder why these opportunist people never stop claiming 'victim'.

The truth is that these children that are bringing in guns and retaliating against weak children with bullying, and all of the other egregious and uncivilized behavior that certain people bring into school, AND into society at-large, have everybody around them scared for their lives. And the rest of us are hopelessly disgusted.

The heavy-handed policing is justified and we should not back down on that.

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