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Didn't Mean to Scare You (or make you angry).

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

I feel as though I should say something from the Democrat in me.

I rant pretty heavily from the fiscal conservative republican side of me.

I probably scared some of you….

But I’m not a proud boy. And I’m not an ignorant politician.

I consider myself a realist.

We simply do not have enough money, to fund every ‘feel-good project’ that comes down the pike.

We need to be more responsible with our expenditures, and focus more on fixing problems, not throwing money at them.

I want very much to be like Jesus, and take care of the people who need it.

But I would much prefer that each of us were fully educated, and didn’t need our government to fund the basic needs of millions of (under-educated) people.

I want very much for all of us to get along equally.

But I would much prefer it, if the people who expect entitlements, as opposed to being self-sufficient, prosperous and industrious, were better equipped to build their own homes, and develop their own neighborhoods, and feed their own families, and engage in meaningful commerce, without expecting someone else to come along and fund it, initiate it, or do it for them.

I would very much like to see us get along with all races, colors, creeds (whatever creeds are), and also to see each of us be more tolerant of our differences.

By that same token, I think that would be easier, if those of us who are the target and the subject of disdain and hatred, recognized what part it is that we play in being hated.


If those of us who are hated for the color of our skin, would stand up and take responsibility for our short-comings, and stop blaming others; if we were to stop whining about racism and start being responsible, fully educated individuals, there would be no reason to hate us.

Sorry, but this is as Democrat as I get.

Educate my brethren and watch the hate go away!

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