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CRITICAL RACE BAMBOOZLE - What's the Real Message

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

The reason it feels like your rights to vote are being suppressed, and your desire to explore critical race theory is being debunked, is because there's an element of society that wants the whole race issue to be over with.

That’s what the underlying point of the contention is all about.

We don’t want to hear why the mistakes of the past, are affecting your ability today, to provide for yourself, raise a respectable family, stay away from crime, and do great things in the community.

You are free, and quite capable of doing these things on your own, as is everybody. Your preference for blaming others for our shortcomings, and receiving assistance, over self sufficiency, is evident, if unspoken.

You're talking about the past and using it as an excuse for our unemployment levels, our chronic need to be clothed and fed by others, our worst-of-show education statistics, and an insatiable propensity to resist law enforcement and shoot each other in the streets.

Civilized society would prefer to see you get an education, do the work, and get your own piece of the pie.

We are the only ones that can fix this.

Make education primary, for everyone.

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