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Communication IS KEY!

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

I’m so grateful to have you reading my work.

If you are new here, you may not be completely familiar with my overall premise. I spend much of my time hoping to fix education for the under-educated. I also spend a bit of time with political topics. But germane to much of what I write about is one very important consideration…. and I have been neglecting it….

It's time for me to spend some time discussing interpersonal communication.

We do not understand how important it is, and that our lack of communication skills is hurting us as a society.

It’s troublesome politically – lack of communication skills has ruined the actual function of our nation. It’s even more troublesome personally – we do not know how to form lasting relationships, and we treat some of our children as if they don’t matter.

Politically, it was described in two news stories I recently heard. One talked about the deep South, and how thousands of citizens feel ignored, historically, by politicians. When someone like Donald Trump comes along, all these folks feel as if they are finally being heard.

It’s that way for the whole country, really. And now that their Conservative voices are being acknowledged, these people are not willing to go back and be silent again.

What’s more, they seem to be willing to ignore anything that gets in their way. Truth, honor, human life – can all be sacrificed, for the sake of bringing the Conservative cause to light.

Case in point… the other story I heard, which referenced the attack on Paul Pelosi. This home invasion was apparently meant to send a message to Democrats.

So, somewhere there are people that feel, that delivering repeated blows to the head, crushing the skull of the spouse of a politician, with a hammer, is a viable way to send a message, to a society which is perceived as ‘too liberal’!

The message to Democrats – the message to ALL of us, in my opinion, is that the other side needs to be heard.

Let me say that again, because it is important. The opinions of the other side - MATTER.

Not only is there valuable and valid information on both sides of a disagreement, but if we continue to negate and ignore, the feelings, emotions, opinions and beliefs, of those with whom we disagree – well number one they will reciprocate in kind. And number two, they will stew – and then quite likely, retaliate.

The retaliatory phase (for the Conservative Right) began once their angry souls were set free by the Republican fringe. These folks have been disregarded for so long, that ‘the stew’ they are in is dark and angry. We’ve sucked all manner of compassion from their world, by ignoring and belittling what they believe.

Now it would seem, their only concerns are – to re-establish national conservatism… at any and all costs.

Mark my words – it won’t stop, until we learn to take all people's concerns seriously.

Interpersonal communication skills would help here.

We need to stop talking AT each other. We need to start listening and responding, reasonably, instead of blind allegiance to ONE opinion. We NEED to understand, that the other opinion is not insignificant, and that all sides have valid points to make.

No one is completely wrong, or right, about everything!

The Democratic party wants to give us all the services and handouts that we want - like Santa Claus to little children. Even though the family cannot nearly afford the costs.

The Republicans want to stop spending money we don’t have, and they want the liberalism and the country’s moral decline, to end.

Well, I agree that we all would like to help when people really need it.

And I really really agree, that we do not need transvestites in the classroom, to teach children about the ‘real’ world.

See!? I agree with BOTH sides.

There simply has to be a way for us to reach a middle ground on such issues. And there is… but we are not raised in this country, to care enough about each other, to work these things out. We also simply do not have the skills it takes, to properly communicate in this way.

It is SO much easier, to blame politicians, complain, and become bitter and self-important.

“MY opinion is the only right one”.

“NOTHING you say is important”.

The fact that Republicans are unreasonable, mis-informed, and desperate to make their points, at any cost to society, while the Democrats are unmovable and quasi-deaf to reality (read: fiscal irresponsibility), and neither side is skilled enough to learn, or interested in learning, to finesse political compromise - will only worsen our status:

ONE Nation, Indivisible…

Not so much anymore.

Our ancestor-politicians had less complicated existences, and were a bit more skilled and intelligent when it came to interpersonal communication. The reasons they dressed, and addressed each other, formally, was to raise the standard of engagement.

The reason they prayed together before each encounter, was to remind themselves of their purpose, their allegiances, and their common goals. Civility and unity were key. Respect for God, was universal and binding.

We are ruining this beautiful country of ours, with intolerance, and frankly, ignorance. If you are not aware of both sides of the argument – if you do not take time to hear it all, weight both sides, remain calm and discuss intelligently, you get what we have.

The machinations of politics today, are fraught with those who are seeking personal gain, those that have a need for notoriety, and those hell-bent on creating career longevity. There is very little honesty. And very little devotion to, or concern for, humanity.

Legitimate political conversation would entail compromise. Grace. Dignity. Decorum. The ability to rise above political affiliations and constant fund-raising… to attend to the needs of the people.

Interpersonal communication involves a sensitivity that we do not develop in our people today. At all.

Part of a complete education in America today should involve learning to conduct conversations productively - for and with, all people.

Make more of an attempt to show them that you're listening and that you want very much to engage, cooperate, and to help. Be kind as opposed to angry.

Tell them the truth about what can and cannot be done. Smooth over rough edges by showing compassion.

Agree. Nod. Smile.

Search diligently for compromise. Don’t make ‘snap’ judgements. Put conversations on hold in order to think, and research.

Don’t engage in argumentative behavior. Listen silently. Counter points calmly. Seek answers to questions, and common ground.

Agree to disagree. Show respect – even when difficult.

It CAN be done…!

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