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CHURCHES SHOULD TAKE UP THE SLACK-Preachers are being funded, & they know they can't fix the problem

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I heard a report on NPR talking about how churches are in a perfect position to fill the education gap, for the people who don't get what they need.

And that’s everybody these days.

Do you suppose there's some way the churches could be set up, to teach our children about civics, and responsibility, and emotional issues such as stress and depression?

Teach about aspiration and self sufficiency?

Teach practical living skills that will supplement what schools are no longer teaching us?

Today we let our children grow up, fairly regularly, by themselves, and on their own. People don’t take the time they need to, to raise proper people.

They don’t have the time, and they don’t have the skills either.

My family were slave people. They really had nothing to teach us. My legacy is cleaning house and working in the field... I mean... the garden. I wanted to be a lawyer, but instead my mother taught me... laundry.

Everyone's different but it's quite obvious our children are not getting the education they need.

I would very much like to explore developing church programs that instruct our young people and their young parents how to be successful in their lives, and devoted to humanity.

Churches could be after school programs.

You’re already in the neighborhood and already know the people.

Use the money you are getting from government grants, and teach what schools no longer can.

If we raise better people we wouldn’t have to try to fix them after they grow up....

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