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Action Ministry

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I have decided to turn our Teen Forum USA program, along with our Children with Class program, to form the beginnings of a non-denominational transformational community ministry.

I have two long-held notions. 1) That church people should lead the way when it comes to preparing young people for adulthood, and 2) that a non-denominational church that only caters to the needs of the needy, is better for the community. The vision is a ministry that does less talking, and instead focuses on action for people.

However I’ve expanded this vision, to include holistic wellness, for every body. And since I’m blogging to a global audience, I think this concept should be franchised (undeniably a big ask at this point!).

It is time for us to come together and ignore our differences, because as People of God, we should focus on doing God’s work. Not preaching about it, but doing it. And certainly we should all work together. We need to overcome religious differences. The similarities of the devout, are much more important.

Even those who feel there is no God – may still want to pitch in and work towards holistic health and spiritual well-being, for self and for others.

After all how many mass murderers experience holistic health and spiritual well-being?*

The success for ALL of us depends on success for EACH of us.

I live in a community where our church leaders are feckless. We have serious deficiencies in community health, education, crime, poverty – all areas where our churches should be doing much more.

How are churches not addressing these problems? Why are churches sitting idle five or six days a week? So many programs are scattered and disjointed – our churches should provide cohesion and strength.

It’s nice to get dressed up and go to church on Sunday. But how much more fulfilling, to devote your time to teaching and learning, and growing and pitching in? How many in the community would benefit from your personal knowledge and expertise? How great would it be to use your weekly tithe, to fund a class in wellness, that would benefit your health, as well as others?

Why maintain several separate venues in the community that address our health and wellness (spiritual wellness included)? Think of the benefits of having one place (in multiple locations) to service all wellness needs, for all of us.

Yoga, meditation, relaxation, caring for care-givers, counseling, Divine Reading, which is spiritual, prayer-based and contemplative; nature appreciation, food distribution, after school programs, cultural sharing, personal growth workshops… I could go on and on. Faith-based community development, where the faith is in God, and the devotion is to God’s work.

The church that simply preaches to you, collects the offering, and sends you home, needs to become a thing-of-the-past. The words of the preacher may be soothing to some, but actions speak louder than words. It is time to modernize ‘church’.

Society needs to stop asking the government to fix our problems. People that care need to find ways to help and eliminate these issues. This is my quest.

Therefore we’re going to begin the application for a 501 (c) (4), and seek the support of everyone who looks to improve our commitments to each other.

We will focus on raising children properly, as defined in my writings, and we will focus on bringing everyone from all walks of life and from all religions, together, to work towards the wellness of everyone in the community.

The first thing we will use the money for is to hire a fundraiser. My experience tells me, that this time I should delegate that task to a professional. The next step will be to find and fit an appropriate building as our ‘home’.

I hope this vision resonates with you. Please contact me to discuss.

We need to improve how we co-exist, and how we assist our communities, and we need to come together to do it.

We wish you blessings, and we’re truly grateful for your support


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