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CAN'T BE DONE.. I GET IT!... But what a concept!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

A reporter on NPR this morning mentioned a Muslim who had given a speech back in 2007, the topic of which was something along the lines of a strong suggestion, that Americans should convert to Islam.

OK…? So please hear me out. I don’t want to be a Muslim. I don’t want America to be Muslim.

But here’s why I bring it up. A couple ten years ago, I became intrigued by the notion of prayer. Specifically, praying multiple times a day, by stopping everything and kneeling to the east.

With all the horror that many of us attribute to Islam, and Muslim people, it seems to me to be counter-intuitive, for these people to be so devoted to God, as to stop and pray up to five times a day.

We’ve all seen the ritual. The men all gather at the mosque. They are all are down on their knees, practically prostrate. They are all facing east.

Well we all know how stupidly complex the entire notion of Islam is, unto itself.

So I am most assuredly not the person that can parse out the complexities, or suss the people out.

But in terms of the ‘interpersonal communication’ between nations, I contend that it should not be as difficult as it is, to quiet the fires between us.

My initial concept, was that when Muslim nations were on the ground facing east, praying to their God, that western nations simultaneously should be on the ground facing west, praying to OUR God.

As Islamic extremists are unhappy with western decadence, it seems to me that if we pray along with them, and even ‘face’ them, how could their prayerful little hearts ignore the gesture!?

Don’t think for a minute, that I believe this to be a workable plan.

We can’t even get Americans to believe that it’s worthwhile working together in the name of science, commerce, and the preservation of humanity.

So how can I expect American citizens to work together on prayer?

But just as a consideration… Islam has many earmarks of a peace-loving, God-fearing society. You shouldn’t quote me, because I’m no expert. But these are good people that devote themselves to obeying God’s laws. They are highly moral, socially responsible, respectful people, and although some of their cultural beliefs are strange to us, and some of their people tend to be barbarously inhumane, we would do well to recognize the goodness that Muslim people possess.

Islam is not alone when it comes to outliers and war-mongers that spawn from their culture. We have them too.

And they are the main orchestrators when it comes to denouncing American morals.

To be perfectly honest with you, I do not disagree with anybody that believes that America needs improvement. (I DO however disagree with beheadings and oppression, just to be clear).

I don’t want to be governed by ancient laws, but I wouldn’t mind being surrounded by people that want what our holy trinity prescribes for humanity.

Why not convince Islamic nations that indeed we WANT to be a more pious nation…?

What could be bad about recognizing that at it’s core, our country might benefit from a bit of a re-alignment?

How hard would it be to try to tweak our religious life, as a nation, if only to negotiate with Islam, as their main premise seems to be our lack of respect for God?

Once again, pie-in-the-sky pipe-dreaming, on my part.

But we are supposed to be a nation of intellect.

Yet we never consider using common sense against our foes, and those that would wish us harm.

It’s always guns and bombs, troops and treasure. Big tanks and warplanes are our only strengths, and in some cases, that does not work.

Like the meme says, it took us twenty years and trillions of dollars, to take Afghanistan from the Taliban, and return it to the Taliban.

Why not meet them halfway.

If we cannot control them with bullets or bombs, to any great level of success… why not try to negotiate with them, using the pure love of the Lord? And Allah!


Could we BE any less successful than we are, at co-existing with the Arab world? The extremists are still butchering people. After all we've done to put an end to their reign of terror…

How harmful would it be to try meeting them at their fundamental, ideological core? Instead of matching their warring predilections?

I know what you’re saying to yourself…. Miss Truth… we can’t even get half the country to agree on the most effective way to knock back a pandemic. How can we ever expect that people will be on board with praying away an enemy.

Well you are right. None of my ideas will ever work, because human nature dictates.

When there is a good idea, it is met with negativity and derision. That’s what humans do!

No one will ever try something new. I’ve given it years worth of thought, and yet in the instant that my idea is heard, most have already concluded that it won’t work.

None-the-less, I strongly advocate for a spiritual world view. (And, you know, education for everyone.) 😊

If the core of religious belief centers around humanity, it’s function and it’s preservation, we should ALL be able to find common ground from which to begin again.

In the final analysis, it ALL applies to ALL of us.

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