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BOTH SIDES NOW - Validate Me Validate You.

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Ladies and gentlemen if I were a politician I would be completely comfortable telling you what you wanted to hear.

Regardless of what side or position you take.

Some people call that 'talking out of both sides of your mouth'.

But I call it 'agreeing with some of what you are saying'.

I see at least a kernel of validity in almost everybody's point of view. I can most often take up either side of an argument, and have viable defense for each opinion.

As an example: I do believe that abortion creates convenience and autonomy over one's life.

Yet I also believe that it may be time for us to come out of our psychedelic haze, and admit that abortion is murder.

Another example.... I believe that people come in all forms, and that there's of wide spectrum of sexuality, which should not be denied, and should not be persecuted.

But I also believe that your sexuality should remain in the closet, where mine is. Where everybody's should be.

I don't want to see anyone dressed in a rainbow speedo, prancing up the avenue, to demonstrate pride.

I think that that's why people are uncomfortable with homosexuality to begin with.

Dignified homosexuality is preferable.

Flamboyant homosexuality should remain a dance floor phenomenon...

It's like that for everything. I see no need to shut out other opinions... even the ones that are unreasonable. Giving light to all opinions, gives people a sense that their feelings and opinions are worthwhile.

What's more, no consensus can be reached, no progress can be made, when one party to a discussion dismisses the input of the opposing party.

If conversation is a give and take, no one gives or takes, when they are berated, belittled, ignored, or written off.

My opinion will mean nothing to you, if your opinion means nothing to me.

And I want very desperately for my opinion, to mean something to you.

So you see I can empathize with you no matter what your viewpoint is.

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