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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

As you may know, my big, number one, main premise for hosting this blog, is to bolster the education of American children. And I thought I needed to offer this ‘booster’ shot, for those who might be new to the blog

We've been working on the school system in the United States for years. Decades!

To listen to the news (or the parents!), one would believe that teachers are the problem, suggesting that teachers are not focused and that they are ineffective.

However, teachers are the only ones that are focused on the problem.

The children are the ones bringing the bad behavior, and the parents are allowing it.

And oh…society fosters it!

The sad educational outcomes in this country are not the fault of the teachers, or administration, or curricula, or the programs in our schools.

The reason for the problems with education in our schools, and the problems of society in general, is that our children are not being sent to school, mentally prepared, and sometimes not even physically prepared, to do the best learning they can do.

Children in America today are usually not prepared with the proper mindset, to maximize the time they are allotted for their education. Their upbringing does not, typically, set them up to develop the focus or do the work.

The media, and society in general, are no help, and basically, contribute to the misguided nature of a child’s upbringing in today’s world. The detrimental distractions are endless…

Children are frequently mean and rude to each other, sometimes threateningly dangerous. They can be angry and are usually un-exercised (intellectually). What’s worse, they come from homes and families that can be unbridled in their inability to provide a nurturing and comforting environment, for a child to thrive. Many of those situations, are horror stories. Even in the most affluent homes, children can be oppressed and abused.

Teachers are not in a position to solve functional ineptitude or socialization issues. Yet in many cases, many teachers are helplessly immersed in behavioral and/or disciplinary chaos.

Nothing changes. Over decades of trying. The reason for that? We do not focus on the children. The children's attitudes. The children's mental preparedness. And parents today frequently have terrible parenting skills.

I’ve heard it said, that we are required to get a license to drive, but not to become a parent. So much bad parenting has been a generational problem. It is amazing that we have not addressed it.

We obviously believe that the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, provide for the ‘freedom’ to be bad parents, if that’s what we chose to be.

The early education that kids are missing is an integral piece of the most important part of their entire lives... training to think critically, seeing issues from all sides, making decisions based on the greater good of the group. And so much more.

And then there’s that part of their education that isn’t even taught anymore, or really never was. Arts education. Civics. General finance. Physical education. Homemaking. Interpersonal communication. The list is very long.

What’s more, and most important… no one is spending time telling children that we care about them, and that they have to focus on their education, and why.

And also, how!... How to go about creating a worry free, and prosperous existence for themselves and for their future.

These elements are crucial. The lack of all of this is evident in every corner of society. We are a mess.

I wish I were here to tell you I have a solution that will immediately improve our situation. And because the solution is a long-range plan, and not an immediate quick-fix, no one has even considered or implemented, the obvious solution.

I know it's a difficult thing to face. But we are simply going to have to spend more time. Invest more treasure in humanity. More nurturing. More specific instruction. More giving a damn.

None of the things you are going to suggest - nor wish you could think of…NONE of the things we are doing now, nor have done so far, are ever going to fix our problems, if we don’t start raising better people, paying more attention to how they grow up.

If we all band together and agree that education is the answer – if we start to raise children whose sole purpose is to complete their educations – if as a society we commit to nurture, guide, AND LOVE each person, ensuring that they go to school every single day - our problems will be over. Eventually.

If we have what I would call ‘education-deniers’, (think covid-deniers), people lacking complete educations will continue to flourish, (think covid).

The community, and indeed society, will not survive if it's children do not improve student achievement.

We must be taught how to be good citizens, and care about the survival of humanity. Knowledge doesn’t happen unless we’re taught to care.

We are no longer able to wait for our government to step in and solve all our problems. They have problems of their own.

A child's education is the most important (and only) thing that kids should be thinking about. Not designer clothing, not rap song lyrics, not even cute girls and hot guys.

Kindergarten through 12th grade is free. The neuroplasticity of a child’s brain is at it’s peak!

Stop wasting time and valuable resources. Focus on Education.

Our children can enjoy their youth, after they become prepared for the rest of their lives.

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