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ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE - (Maybe it IS just that simple!)

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

We treat mass shootings the same way we treat airplane disasters.

We think that if we find out what the motive or cause was, we can work towards avoiding or preventing such tragedies in the future.

But mass shootings are not just unhappy accidents.

There is a reason why this brutality continues and escalates. Granted, we have not truly figured out yet…

So can we please try this?

I know it isn’t easy, but at least give it a chance…?

We should say to ourselves… that this person does not know we love each other as human beings. This person was not shown the love and respect that he or she required, in order to be comfortable and prosperous in life.

Because frankly we humans are completely unable, to a great extent, to show each other love. This type of interpersonal deprivation is practically built into the human psyche.

I propose looking at a lack of attention and love, when it comes to mostly any poorly functioning mechanism of society.

The gun violence and criminal activity that gets worse every year.

The children that roam the streets at night causing problems, committing crimes, and being shot by the police.

Most especially, the mentally ill, for whom we seem to have given up completely, hoping that law enforcement will take up where social services leaves off.

And you know something? Our own children also, do not sufficiently receive the message, that we love them, are available to them, want the best for them, expect the best FROM them, and that we are relying on them to be our future and make us proud.

It all starts with the children. Every question that they ask is important. Everything that the mind of a child learns, he or she will remember for a lifetime.

Every avenue and possibility should be explained. Every notion and postulate should be examined. Every point should be made. Every truth should be explored.

Raising the mind and spirit of a child is akin to having a 24-hour a day career.

We are not meeting the mark, and we have to do better.

Society suffers only, from this one deficiency.

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