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Adieu to 2022

Greetings Fellow Sojourners!

I don't spend much time engaging in light-hearted thinking. So I don't have much I’m able to talk about at the end of the year. I feel as though I should be wishing you happy-good-tidings.

While people will rightfully be thinking about Peace on Earth during end of the year celebration, instead I’m thinking about our new propensity to raise weak children, the social determinants of health, political coalition building, the false narratives that perpetuate poverty and dependency, America’s loss of geopolitical stature, what happens to everyone’s weather when icebergs melt, man’s inhumanity to man – Yes.. my holidays are – somewhat subdued…

So my intention here is to present a few loose ends and random thoughts, and try to keep it light. Wish me luck.

I know I have talked a lot about what problems we are experiencing as a society. But admittedly I have not presented any solutions. I’ve noticed that without that type of guidance, people tend to go off in all directions, and misunderstand my intentions. In the coming year I will try to introduce the solutions I envision, to the problems I discuss.

When I tell you that I see your point of view as readily as I see my own, you have to believe me. If you were to see my Facebook page you would see that both my liberal hippie friends representing the ‘left’, and my incredibly angry conservative acquaintances representing the ‘right’, all have moments of agreeing with my opinions and my posts. It is always a proud moment for me… I am looking to represent everyone.

You should know that, I frequently speak in wide sweeping generalizations, in all my writing, while at the very same moment, you should know - I acknowledge, that wide, sweeping generalizations might likely be overstated.

Please know that - nothing - applies to everyone. Indeed my intention is that generalizations apply only to those of us… to whom they apply…

It occurred to me recently that, at the same time that I advocate for a full education for all people, the proliferation of self-help books is off the charts. Coincidence? I doubt it…

2022 was quite a year – I’m guessing everyone feels that way. In spite of it all, I did learn a few things this year, that have made me incredibly happy, and made my life better, and I thought I would share that with you.

Number one - At my age it is sad enough that I am still working with no retirement in sight. If there is something that makes that (and everything else,) worse, it is the sound of the alarm clock every morning!

Praise be to God!!.... I have found a better way.

My very old I-Pad has an app on it called Night Stand. Instead of your typical alarm noise, I can program Night Stand to play any music I want, to wake me up.

I chose four songs from a British a-cappella vocal ensemble, called The King’s Singers. They perform a collection of madrigal Renaissance, quasi monastic music, with lovely deep rich harmonies. I programmed them in, to wake me up on weekdays.

Waking up to these amazing, gentle melodies, has improved my life tremendously, and the effect was instant. The very first morning, I woke up feeling like a beautiful, happy human being.

Alarms make me feel like a chicken with a rooster crowing from my bedpost!

As a sidebar, I watch ‘Mother Angelica Prays the Rosary’ on the EWTN network, before bed each night. I find it to be a perfect way to end any day. Their theme music turns the prayer into a short piece of music that they use to end the show.

So at any given time, almost every single day, my earworm, as it were, is either an a-cappella choral arrangement of a majestic song of devotion, or the Holy Rosary being sung by an efficient little quartet.

Alternately hearing either of these two bits of music (at a subconscious kind of level) throughout the day, has brightened and changed my life. I feel at peace. Whether you are religious or not, it’s hard to deny Mary her due.

Number two – I ‘ve had my current job for a year and a half. I run an office for engineers. We hire kids out of college, and I realized how little experience newly employed graduates have, working in an office environment. After having been employed about six months, cold and flu season hit these people hard. Most of us know what it’s like to be in an office when people get sick and still come in. Especially these days.

I took the initiative to suggest gargling with salt water, taking vitamins, and I put tissues on everybody’s desks. I explained to them that instead of waiting until you get sick, that you can be proactive about disease and sickness. Attack the problem immediately, to keep the germs and the infection, from taking hold. Everyone is healthy now, and there has been no disruption in the office due to illness.

I say that to say this. I feel as though this was confirmation, that this advice is valuable. The kids may have learned something. The office was not disrupted by sickness. Pain and suffering was averted.

At the first sign of a sore throat, or a cough, don’t wait until it takes over. It is the real purpose for the phrase ‘nip it in the bud’.

And so I am emboldened, and feel as though I should talk more, about the things that I teach in my workshops. I look forward to sharing more tips and techniques, that are free and will help you stay healthy, on my blog, in 2023.

Number three – Now I trust you. So I’m going to tell you this, and hope that you can refrain from ridiculing me when you hear me say this. I hope you can take it as it is intended… After all, along with striving to be mildly entertaining, I am mostly geared toward the dissemination of useful, helpful, and beneficial information, that frequently might get overlooked, or go unknown.

Here (it) goes…. I wore/bought bikinis briefs my whole life. I accidently bought a few pairs that were (way) too small for me. For the first time since I was a teenager, I went shopping, and paid attention to the alternative options available. I went with something that would appear to be called ‘control briefs’, but I bought a size large enough, that there was no ‘control’ to be had!

But, OH! The comfort…

So, now… before you mock or laugh, you should know – I don’t have any children, and also no grand children. So if you are inclined to think of the commonly-used term for an under garment that makes reference to Granny – well stop it!

The moment I made this switch, 2022 seemed much better, than it actually was!

But seriously kids!

I really hope that my work resonates with you on some level.

I can’t thank you enough for giving it a read!

I’ve tried writing for several other outlets, to no great satisfaction.

However I’m planning to publish a third book, using the contents of this blog. I want to reach more people. I’m hoping I can reach a wider audience with book sales.

CynthiaTruth says –

· You can take better care of yourself without doctors or pharmaceuticals, using several techniques that will not cost you a cent!

· You can be spiritual without being religious.

· The world would be a better place if we learned proper communication techniques.

· And Everyone Everywhere would benefit from teaching parents to raise people that have Full Education.

We cannot do anything about the past.

But we can reshape the future.

Please help me turn reparations into education.

Please advocate for compulsory education for every child.

I could not wish more joy and happiness for you than I do.

I look forward to your support in the New Year!

“I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

Thomas Jefferson

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