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Make African Americans Great Again

The answer never comes. The violence never stops. Being fed up doesn't change anything. Talking heads ask what the solution is, because nobody knows.

I wrote this book to guide young black children to the Promised Land!

I had no one, as a child, to answer my questions, set an example, be a role model.

Young people need our love, and they need data... reliable information, and guidance. It's nowhere to be found.

In the black community, my focus is the full education of every child - no exceptions.

No police officer has murdered any black men with a degree.

Please contact me at



I am a race relations coach and public speaker,

and an interpersonal communication expert.

I have written this to provide needed information to you, as children and young adults growing up in the Black Community.

Because growing up as descendants of slaves, we lack the information, education, and input from successful and prosperous people, that we need to compete and thrive.

This is true for many poor people, and it is the biggest problem we have.

Every one of you needs high-quality guidance and high-quality data, to be your best.

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